DIY Sensory Blocks How To

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing crafts from my readers/ viewers. Here are some brilliant DIY Sensory Blocks that a reader shared with me via Facebook. She made this for her 2yrs old granddaughter. I thought it was so sweet and simple, that I REALLY wanted to share them with you today. Such a caring and thoughtful gift to make!

DIY Sensory Blocks - a wonderful sensory toy for your little one

DIY Sensory Blocks – Materials:

My reader, Hanka, used blocks of wood that were 6cm x 6cm.

A bit like these:

wooden blocks

You can get some here (affiliate links):

US readers 2inches, a bit smaller 

UK readers – a range of sizes available

Make sure the edges are nice and smooth and don’t splinter!

She also used a strong non toxic wood glue – a good quality PVA glue will work as well!

Finally hunt around the house and home for lovely textures – such as buttons, velcro, fabrics, felt, fake grass, lace, plastic netting ….

anything that you can find that has an interesting texture.

DIY Sensory Blocks DIY:

Simply cute your materials to size and glue on with your strong non toxic glue to create a new sensory cube surface.

You can also use some “flat drill parts” to make “indents” and add other interesting textures such as mirrors or coins in the recess.

DIY Sensory Blocks how to

I think this is a TRULLY WONDERFUL Sensory Gift and exploration toy, that ANY child, whether they have sensory issues or not, have a disablity or not, will enjoy discovering!!!
NOT: like with ALL HOMEMADE TOYS for young children, please do supervise during use, to ensure that the child remains safe. Hanka’s toy has been play with for a long time and they have had  no issues, as their wood glue is strong and good. 

DIY Sensory Blocks - lovely toddler gift

I simple love love the look of all the materials used for this sensory cubes – from corrugated cards, to fake grass, furry fabric and wood disc. Such a wonderful wonderful idea.. and one that I fancy playing with too!11

DIY Sensory Blocks