Easy Easter Egg Headbands for Preschoolers

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Our little set of Easter Headbands is growing! So far you have (probably) seen our Easter Bunny Headbands and Easter Chick Headbands.. now for the Easter Egg Headbands! This a super easy Easter Craft for Preschoolers and you can have LOTS of fun decorating your Easter Eggs – using pens, crayons, stickers, markers or make collages iwth tissue papers and more. Lots of opportunities to have much fun with little ones.

You can most definitely make these without purchasing my templates – for example, you can grab my free egg template here and then cut your own strips of paper for the headband! However, if you do choose to buy my templates, you can make not only this Easter Egg Headband, but also our hatching chicks as well as our adorable Easter Garland!! So it is totally up to you!

Supplies needed to make your Easter Egg Hats:

  • Paper for the eggs
  • Paper to cut strips for the headband
  • Markers, pens, crayons, stickers, watercolors – whatever you wish to make this as arty or simple as you like!
  • Glue stick

Teachers Pay Teachers printable if you wish:

How to make your Easter Egg Headband for Preschoolers:

We love these Easter Egg Headbands, as you can make them as simple or as arty as you like! You can stick to crayons and pencils.. or get super messy with glue, glitter, tissue paper and paints… you can use stickers and you can use washi tape.. you can make collages.. really, the opportunities are endless. The design shown here, is kept simple, more to share the idea, than anything else! Make this “yours” and do share with me your makes for a feature on instagram!

Coloring in the egg templates
We kept our Easter Egg decorating simple as an example – but the opportunities are endless

Begin by decorating your eggs. We like to do this “on page” as it means you can go over the lines, without worrying too much!

decorate before you cut
Decorate the eggs BEFORE you cut them out – that way you can go right to the edges

Once all your eggs are decorated you can cut them out.

cut out your eggs

Cutting the eggs is great scissor handling skills practice for little ones. You don’t have to worry about cutting too perfectly.. just let the kids have a go!

add hearts if you wish

As mentioned, the templates come with options to make a hatching chick too… as well as adding “heart” feet and triangles for a chick version. The hatching chick template is great for practicing “zig zag” cutting!

Once you have all your eggs ready, cut out the two strips of paper that make the headband.

Glue one strip to the second strip of paper.

Measuring your child’s head as you go. Stick the end of the second strip of paper back to the first strip to make a “loop” that fits your child’s head snuggly. The paper SHOULD fit most preschoolers. If need be, use any cut offs to insert a panel for bigger children.

Then stick your chick or hatching chick to the front of the headband!

easter egg hat
Make Easter Egg Hats from paper is super quick and eays!

Your Easter Egg headband is done! Perfect for any Easter Bonnet parades or Sunday School activities or even Easter school plays! So fun!

Now your toddler is all dressed up for the Easter Egg Hunt.. why not check out How to make Easter bunny footprints and make your Easter day extra special!

Aren’t these Easter egg headbands just too cute? So much Easter fun!!!

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