DIY Wrapping Paper – Fingerprint Ideas

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DIY Wrapping Paper

The DIY wrapping paper series continues. Today we have one my favourites: Fingerprint designed wrapping paper. There are so many different and cute designs you can make with fingerprints. Chicks for Easter, Bees for whenever, Balloons for Birthdays, hearts for Valentines and of course Reindeer for Christmas.

  1. Wrap your gift in plain paper
  2. Use ink or paint to make the print
  3. Let dry
  4. Add detail in black and red pens

Using ink is a little quicker, as it dries faster, but you may have a larger assortment of colours if you use paint. Basically go with what you have!

 We love just a simple red hear – two finger prints at angles to each other.

toddler easter cards

Or use these chicks at Easter or for a new baby. I know they are on a card here, but would look just darling on wrapping paper too!

Simple balloons for DIY Wrapping Paper on Birthdays.

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Lots of different ideas from sticking to printing.

Penguins Pip Squeak

We made these cute little Penguins as Thank You Cards, but think they would work brilliant on wrapping paper as well.

Fingerprint Wrapping paperFingerprint Fairy Lights – we wrapped the present. Drew a wiggly line. Added finger prints and then went over with a black pen.

lrg (2)

Simple holly.. wrap the present. Do 2 small red finger prints with the tip of your finger and then 2 green ones a little bigger and flatter. Then add detail with a black pen.