Papier Mache Christmas Baubles

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Well.. I gave you a sneaky preview of these Christmas Baubles over on Life At The Zoo a week or so back. You gave it the thumbs up! So here is a quick how to for one our quirkier Christmas Ornament Idea! They are made from papier mache, hence the wibbly wobbly shape. I love that they are made from papier mache, as it makes this a very cheap and inexpensive Christmas craft, with a bit of upcycling (of the newspaper) to boot. Brilliant. A wonderful Newspaper Craft indeed!

Use our easy peasy guide to how to make paper mache from flour – inexpensive, environmentally friendly and quick!

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DIY Newspaper Baubles – Materials

  •  old newspaper,
  • flour,
  • water,
  • microwave,
  • acrylic paint,
  • glitter for decorating!

Easy  Paper Mache Paste:

  • 1 part flour, 2 parts water – mix.
  • Place in the microwave and blast at full power for 40 seconds. Stir. Repeat. Stir. Repeat etc.. until you have a nice thick paste.
  • Try and remove any lumps, they only get in the way later!

DIY Newspaper Baubles – How To

1) Make your paper mache paste, as per the above.

2) Tear up small ish pieces of paper – maybe 2cm width and 5-10cm length, ready for pasting.

3) Scrunch up a large sheet of paper and make it a tight a ball as possible. Then start layinger strips over the ball. Keep reshaping with your hands. (I am sorry I don’t have a photo, but my fingers were covered in paper mache paste!).

4) Then fold some newspaper into strips for the “bauble” hanging thingy (what do you call that) and secure it with strips of paper machied newspaper.

5) Let dry fully. This may take 2-3 days. And you *may* have a slight flat bit on one side, where your bauble was resting.

6) Paint with acrylics. We hung ours up to dry.

7) Once dry add glitter glue (and hang to dry) or decorate with sequins or any way you wish.

Done! Enjoy!!


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