Easy Christmas Card Idea


I like to make my own Christmas Cards each year. And with the arrival of kids, it had to feature photos too. So I always try and come up with a design, that is easy to repeat for a large amount of cards. So if you are looking for an easy Christmas Card idea, you may like this!

(Please note, the image dates from my Pre Blogging days.. so not as good as normally!) 

Christmas Card Ideas


I made this card a few years ago and ADORE it. One of my favourite to date.

  1. Cut card down to size (I upcycled some old  blue back covers of a work brochures)
  2. Find a cute card of your child that looks good in Black & White. Print on ordinary paper.
  3. Cut out white paper antlers and red noses (I cut out six layers of paper at a time) – that way you are only printing in black and white and not colour… you could of course decorate your photo in a programme like PicMonkey and then print in colour.. but this is cuter and cheaper!)
  4. Glue on your photos and Rudolph adornments. Done!

More easy Christmas card making ideas:

Learn how to make snow globe cards using old plastic lids! A super fun recycled craft for kids to make this Christmas. We filled our snowglobes with little snowmen… but what about adding personalised photographs or other drawings?

Snowglobe cards

Happy Christmas Card Making!! (and check out these Simple Christmas Cards that Kids can make).

Christmas Card Ideas for Kids