Quick DIY Wrapping Paper

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Got a party to go to? Sorted out your gift? But **forgot** the wrapping paper? Need something quick. Nice but last minute?

Make your own DIY wrapping paper with potato prints and cookie cutters. Super easy and fast!

DIY Wrapping Paper

Materials: rolled white paper or brown packing paper or even newspaper, a potato, cookie cutter, knife and paint in 2 colours.

1) I find it easiest to just wrap the present first!

2) Push your cookie cutter into your potato.

3) With a knife cut around you cutter.

4) Remove the bits and the cutter and then cut across the potato to flatten your surface.

5) Dry the potato on a paper towel.

6) Using a paint brush add paint and print! I like the pattern to go diagonally, with the odd bit of colour interspersed. Or go for a random print with no order.

7) For colour change I gave the potato a quick wash, dried it and continued.

Make ANY paper using your cookie cutters – DIY gingerbread pattern wrapping paper, DIY Christmas Tree Paper wrapping paper, DIY Heart Wrapping paper.. whatever cutters you have to hand.

Update: a few days later I needed MORE paper and my potato had shrivelled. So I made this ink pad DIY Wrapping Paper, do check it out!

UPDATE 2: and now we have brought all our wrapping paper ideas together in this pone post:

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