How To… Make a Doll’s House Tea Party!

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Well.. you know I am on a Doll’s House crafts frenzy this year… you will found all the Doll’s House Crafts here, including the house itself and our Shell Sink… well.. we have had a bit of a FIMO crafting frenzy, after the lovely Craft Merrily and we wanted to make different things from it. If you want to learn more about Polymer Clay or get more crafty FIMO ideas, do check out their website! So FINALLY we got round to making some FIMO goodies. See our Kids Craft post for more!

dolls house tea party

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I guess this isn’t much of a how to.. as I don’t have step by step pictures (your fingers get all mucky from the FIMO)… but I will describe what I did as best I can!

Let’s start with

The Cake & Donuts:


tea party dolls

Dolls house FIMO

1) Make chubby cylinder out of the brown. With a pencil or the back of a paint brush poke for holes for the candles. Make 4 candles, by rolling a long sausage out of red and cutting 1cm pieces off. Reshape a little and “insert” into the holes you made. Make little yellow balls for the fire – squeezing the top into a flame shape. Press onto candle gently. Then make lots of little dots to form smarties! (I have had to super 1 candle and one flame back on already… but overall, it is keeping very well and it is there to be played with!(

2) Donuts. Make balls. Flatten and poke a hole through with your pencil or back of paint brush. For the icing. I made thin round discs (a ball squash flat). Poke a hole and placed on top of the donut. Then smoothed down the edges with my fingers.

Cupcakes, Strawberries, Cups & Plates

FIMO crafts

3) To make FIMO cupcakes, from the base first: – make a little cylinder again (basically, shape a ball and then squash the top and bottom a little). With a knife or similar score some lines down the side to make the cupcake case. The purple icing – is a long thing FIMO “sausage”, curled up and placed on top of the cupcake base. Then add a small red ball as a cherry on top. For the FIMO Smartie Cupcake – form a brown ball, cut in half (it will loose it’s shape a little) and place on top of the cupcake base – reshape. Then add the smarties – tiny balls of colour!

4) For the FIMO strawberries – I fromed small balls. Pinched them into a strawberry shapped. Poked holes in the strawberry with a pencil to represent seeds and topped with a tiny bit of green.

5) For the plates I rolled equal sized balls, flattened them and then pressed a lid into the centre to give it that plate shape.

6) The FIMO cups where super fiddly. I ran out of patience after 3. I made a ball, formed it around the bottom of a pencil, gently pulled it off (not easy). Made a sausage and cut a piece off for the handle. Which I then pressed on with the front end of a pencil to secure.

7) Grapes: lots of little balls stuck together in a cone shape. Then add a little bit of brown and/ or green for the stem and a leaf!

Then back everything in the oven as per instructions (approx 120C for the 30min). PLAY!

FIMO Crafts tea party

And play

dolls house tea party

And play

dolls FIMO tea party

And play

A VERY happy girl!

FIMO tea party cupcake

Finally, invite Mouse to your Doll’s House Tea Party! And party the day away!

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