How to.. make a No Sew Alice Band (in 5min)


Oh my, this “”How To make a No Sew Alice Band” – must be my quickest and craftiest cheat EVER! The idea came from my Mother in Law, apparently she had them as a child. I added some no sew craftiest by whipping out the stapler and hey presto – bright colourful Alice Bands….. I made this in literally less than 5 minutes (I think finding the stapler took longer). And kept it simple – bright red. But of course you could take the this “basic idea” and decorate your Alice Band with flowers or butterflies or stripes. Your call!

no sew alice band

Materials: A strip of felt, some elastic, stapler

(I think this would look nicely with fabric too – just use some bonda web and iron down the sides, to get a nice neat edge)

1) Cut a strip of felt the desired width. Check for size on your or your child’s head. It should go all the way round, minues about 2 inches.

alice band easy quick

2) Cut a strip of elastic (about 1.5inchs – i.e. slightly shorted than the remaining space). I cut two, as my elastic was so thin, but one thicker one should do too. Staple in place. Job done. Make 100s…. Then bribe your child to wear it!

I do use hair slides on the side to help keep in place – my little one is very active! But 4 weeks later and we still use 3 of these regularly!  I suspect they won’t last for ever, but you can always make more and new ones to match latest outfits and preferences!

no sew alice band

Happy Alice Band making!

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