Earth Day Headband Craft

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Let’s make some simple Earth Day Headbands with preschoolers and young children as part of our Earth Day activities! This is an easy Earth Day Hat or Crown to make.

earth day headband

Simple Earth Day Hat activity for preschoolers and young kids.

Choose from three different Earth Day faces – sad, healing and happy.

Children will enjoy coloring these simple Earth Day faces and then adding them to a simple paper headband (adjust to fit child’s head).

Slightly older children can write (or draw) messages of how they can help the earth heal:

Examples of Earth Day Pledges & Discussions

There are many ways we can help improve the planet. The most frequently discussed items are of course “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle”.

It is a great discussion point with children, that we should always aim to “reduce” first. Whilst recycling should almosy be a last resort.

But there are many ways beyond reducing what we use in terms or packagin and plastics, here are topics you can discuss with children

  • Walk to school (reduce our use of energy and natural resources, reduce carbon emissions)
  • Switch off lights (as previous point)
  • Eat in season (something that the western world is forgetting, eating in season is far more eco friendly as it requires less green houses and imports – plus it is FUN!)
  • Eat all your food to reduce no food waste – food waste is huge in the west and creates a lot of pollution in terms of energy and carbon footprint to produce, pick, package and deliver the food
  • Reuse items – take away the stigma of second hand! This should including gifting second hand. But we can also “reuse items” by sharing – e.g. does everyone on your street need a lawnmower? Or can you share one

Objectives and learning opportunities

  • practice cutting skills
  • practice coloring skills
  • a fun seasonal activity to compliment exploring the Earth Day
  • could also be used in a seasonal school play
  • lesson plan filler

Supplies needed to make your Earth Day Hat

  • printer paper or light cardstock (white is best, though blue can be used for the headband)
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • pens/ crayons/ stickers any eco friendly embellishments you have to hand
earth day printable

This is a 2 page Earth Day printable:

Available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store for a small contribution towards the upkeep of this website!

  1. 3 Earths to color in + instructions (students can use all three for one headband or they can be shared amongst 3 students)
  2. Headband strips of paper (for cutting and “adjusting” to length) – one page for one student.

Make an Earth Day Headband

1. Print onto white paper or light cardstock

2. Cut out earth shapes you want to use (use one earth or all three!) and decorate/ color in

earth day pledges

3. Cut rectangles and decorate if you wish. Students can also write earth friendly messages

3. Tape or staple paper rectangles to make head band and to fit size of child’s head add

4. Glue Earth to headband

earth day hat craft


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