No Sew Pouch DIY

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This week, we have a great little No Sew Pouch DIY, perfect for taking along your collectibles for trading at friends’ houses or the school playground. Though I am a big advocate of Teaching Kids to Sew, I think it is also nice to offer some “no sew alternatives”.

DIY No Sew Pouch
First published in Feb 2017

My kids are BIG into collecting things. I am sure your kids are too. And what they collect seems to change from season to season. One season it will be the latest Shopkins Surprise bags, the next they are after Star Monsters. And yet, each collection remains terribly precious. Though they may move on to My Little Pony or Kinderegg Superheros, each item collected remains forever precious (well I should hope so too.. both kids work hard at getting their collectables with good behaviour reward charts!!). But all this “stuff”, cute or not, hard worked for or not… needs to go **somewhere**. Last week, we shared with you a DIY Trinket Display case (which didn’t cost us a penny, unlike all of those trinkets! Ha).

If you do want a “sew” version of these, Coloured Buttons has some great designs – turning your pouches into take a long tic tac toe games too! FAB! It would be perfect for our bees and ladybirds tic tac toe!

These make wonderful little gifts kids can make too! Either as the gift itself, or as a diy gift box idea!

No Sew Pouch DIY

No Sew Pouch DIY – Materials

  • Fleece or felt – I used fleece because it comes in “bigger pieces”, though felt is great too – and I like the stiffness that felt us and those the finished effect of felt. If you can’t get hold of either, then why not experiment with T-shirt material and maybe use pinking sheers to avoid the fraying of the fabric?
  • A leather string or some cord – we upcycled some cord from a free plastic back pack
  • Beads (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Plate for measuring

No Sew Pouch DIY – How To

These really are SUPER easy to make as the video below will demonstrate. However, I have added written instructions for this no sew drawstring pouch below for those of you that prefer to read how to make something (I like to SEE! I am very visual in my learning!).

Fab, isn’t it?!

So here for the No Sew Drawstring Bag – written instructions:

  • Using a pencil (this rubs off easily), draw a large circle onto your fleece. A dinner plate is a good size for our Star Monster collection. A side plate may be a better size for coins or hair clips and hair bands.
  • Using a smaller plate, that is at least inch small from the side (though I think 1.5-2inch is better), draw two short lines 1cm apart all round your circle. I started with 2 at the top, 2 at the bottom, 2 “East” and 2 “West”. Then added two more sets inbetween to get them spaced out evenly.
  • Make 0.5-1cm snips along these lines (running from outside in)
  • Now it is time to thread your leather string or cord.
  • Once threaded through, you can decorate your DIY Drawstring Bag by adding beads to your string. Tie a knot to secure.

And that is it. Your No Sew Pouch DIY is complete!

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