Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

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Yes, I know, last week we had our adorable SPRING BUNNY coloring pages… today we have a wonderful EASTER BUNNY coloring pages created for you by Easy Peasy and Fun.

Uhm, what’s the difference, I hear you ask… well, nothing really, apart from that they are two different designs and I promise you – one is as cute as the next. So if you are addicted to Easter Coloring Pages, you must check both out.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages - one gorgeous designs 4 ways to print. Turn these into wonderful Greeting Cards. Have a stand along bunny, or combine it with some pretty Spring Flowers. We love coloring pages for Easter and we love coloring pages for adults!!!!
First shared in March 2017 and updated for your convenience!

Today’s bunny coloring page – comes in 4 different versions – the main one with flowers, is printable as an A4 AND a greeting card.

We also have “just” the bunny on it’s own.. either with an Easter Greeting or literally, JUST on it’s on.. depending on what you would like to use it for.

Isn’t it adorable? I love this super cute bunny rabbit coloring page. Simply perfect for some ZEN Easter Coloring for Grown Ups. Having said that, we are taking small versions of this to our local Scout Group and will be turning them into pop up greeting cards (combined with our Easter Egg Coloring sheet). I am so egg-cited (haha couldn’t resist the pun!). We do love Easter coloring pages though, because there is always a bit of a “quiet time” on Easter Sunday, when it is great to keep the kids busy and calm, before the onslaught of too much chocolate (in fact, you may like to read about our Easter Sunday Family Activity here. The kids LOVE it!).

So.. all you need to do is.. download your FREE Easter Bunny Printables here – 4 to choose from:

——-> Easter Bunny A4 (with Flowers) <——

——–> Easter Bunny Card (with Flowers) <——

——–> Single Easter Bunny <——

——–> Single Easter Bunny Card (with Greeting) <——

PENS & PENCILS For Coloring

We have been asked many times what pens and pencils we like to use for coloring….

  • We ADORE using these pencils. As you can use them as ordinary pencils, but also as watercolous  – US/ UK
  • and if you prefer felt tips, we love these – they come in a broad set of colours and they have lasted us really well – USUK 

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Aren’t they simply lovely?

Now if you enjoyed these fabulous Easter Bunny Coloring Pages for Grown ups and kids by the amazing Easy Peasy and Fun, you may also enjoy these delightful “colouring finger puppets” for Easter!! Aren’t they just too cute? Hop over now (get it.. oh I am so on a roll!) and grab yourself a copy!

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