1. Ali says

    Brilliant, so many crafts with these crazy little melty Perler / Hama beads! thanks for having me at your google+ hangout too x

  2. Sian says

    Fantastic – I’ve always steered clear of these (as everything tends to end up on the floor in our house) but I’m tempted with all these lovely things to make ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sam says

    My children love Hama beads and we have had lots of fun with them. However, the Ironing is essential and that is where things go wrong as I often jiggle the beads on the way to iron them and the design disconnects. Or worse, my children will know their designs before I even get to the iron. I was at a Craft Fair in Bakewell today and we discovered Simbrix, which are can also be ironed together, but DO NOT need to be ironed as they connect together. My children loved this and got into them. I met the inventor who has put them on a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell Simbrix kits to raise the funding for the first production. We were all really impressed and will be making a pledge for a bag of Simbrix and he was so nice (by giving my little daughters a little sample of the prototypes) and spread the message. I think they have a facebook and pintrest site too


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