30+ Spring Craft Ideas for Kids of all Ages


As you may have guessed, we are getting all excited about Spring Crafts at the moment!! Spring is definitely in the air and with that we love to start thinking about garden crafts, planting things, flowers, blossoms and butterflies. So many heart lifting things that Spring brings our way.

Spring Crafts & Activities for Kids - some of the most adorable DIYs for Spring that you and the kids will love. LOVE Spring Activities for Kids! #Spring #springcrafts #fortoddlers #preschool #diy #forseniors #decorations

So, without a further a do, I bring you SPRING CRAFTS!! We also have lots of Blossom CraftsBunny Crafts, Sheep Crafts and Chick Crafts if you need more “themed” Spring Craft Ideas!!!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Once again, I have to tried to group this collection a little, for easy browsing… but there are so many ways you can share them – by age? by material? In the end.. I decided to for

Adorable Spring Animal Crafts

Stone Ducks

 I think that some of the best ideas are the simplest ones. We LOVED making this 5 Little Ducks Stone Craft. It really is very easy and it provides you with lots of toddler or preschooler play and learning opportunities!

Paper plate sheep

As well as this Rocking Paper Plate Lamb

Adorable pom pom sheep on a wreath

Adorable Pom Pom Wreath for Spring! A great yarn wrapping activity for younger kids, combined with some super cute Sheep Pom Poms. What is not to love?!

Chick Corner Bookmarks

Spring Crafts ideas - chicks

We have loved this egg decorating ideas for years! Make Tissue Paper Chicks using real hollow eggs. This was a great classroom craft for the Reception kids too. They loved handling the real egg – so very precious and we didn’t have a single breakage!


3D Cotton Wool Lambs for Preschoolers – a simple 3d craft to make with preschoolers and toddlers. The cotton balls makes for a lovely sensory craft for little ones. So cute and simple! All you need is some paper, cotton balls and a dab of glue…

Paper Plate Nests - Preschooler Crafts - Spring Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Nests – paper plate nests are another wonderful childhood classic. Especially if you combine it with some straw or shredded paper to make it into a little sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Here we added some pom pom birds that we had made previously, but you can also add simple paper chicks to your craft!

Chicken Egg Cups - a simple upcycled craft idea

Egg Carton Chicken – of course also an Easter craft – these Egg Carton Roosters are so so fun and adorable. They make great egg cup holders throughout spring! We left ours in “natural” egg carton colour, but of course you can paint them in fun spring pastels too!

Little Walnut Bird Nests. Totally adorable.

We are a great fan of all things Walnut. Usually we make Walnut Crafts in autumn and around Christmas.. but I thought this little walnut nest craft where just too cute. The little birds are easy to make from scrunched up tissue paper! So fun.

Spring Crafts

Bead Babies

easy-spring-crafts-kids-bird-mobile-5 - Spring Craft Ideas

Bird Mobile

Spring Butterfly Crafts for Kids + and some bugs..

I wanted to make this a general bug craft section… but then got a bit carried away with all the lovely butterflies. Ha. Well.. keep scrolling and I did add some bugs towards the end.

Cute Butterfly Corks for little ones to make.

These Paper Towel Butterflies are a simple science lesson (coloring mixing), art project and spring craft all in one! What is not to love about this childhood classic? My daughter loved having these on the wall above her bed when were done with them.

finger knitting butterfly

Learn how to finger knit a butterfly!

Cute Bubble Printing Butterflies – also using craft sticks and BUTTONS! How cute?!

Another “classic” are Paper Plate Butterfly Crafts. I love the twist that the Artful Parent added to these, by also having a go at paper marbling! So fun.

How to make a paper butterfly

Paper butterfly crafts

butterfly pop up card

Simple Pop Up Butterfly Card

Spring Crafts Butterflies - Spring Craft Ideas

Milk Jug Butterflies (how cool!)

Mini Beasts

These cardboard tube mini bugs are were so popular with my kids, that once again, we brought them into the classroom for a crafting session with all of Red Ted’s classroom friends. Combining toilet paper rolls, googly eye and pipe cleaners, the kids had great fun inventing their own set of creepy crawlies!

how to play
Learn all about BUGS!

Want to keep your bug activity more “realistic” and “educational”. Have a go at our Bug Fortune Tellers. A free educational printable with some great bug facts for the kids to learn!

ladybugs and bees

I am at risk of adding and adding and adding lots of super cute crafts to this section. But I have a special “Ladybug Crafts for Kids” collection that you can browse. But picking one out for this spring project collection, I will pick our Ladybug and Bees tic tac toe. As mentioned the best ideas for kids are often the simplest. Mine LOVE painting rocks.. and bees and ladybugs are easy to make. And great fun to play with!

Rainbow and Rain Cloud Crafts

Of course we have a whole set of rainbow crafts for you browse.. but again, I decided to pick a handful out for you.

paper plate rainbow

Paper Plate Rainbow

Pop Up Rainbow cards

Pop Up Rainbow Cards

Rainbow clouds from yarn

Yarn wrapped clouds

Well if the April Showers are making you feel gloomy.. it is time for a cheerful rainbow cloud. Combine bubble wrap printing with this super cute and cheerful rain cloud. If you love this one, be sure to pin it for future reference!

Time for beautiful Flowers for spring!

Or an easier Paper Tulip for Preschool – these are one of our most popular spring crafts for kids of all ages. Paper tulips are EASY to make and a great introduction to the world of origami. Learning all about paper folding skills, symmetry and following simple instructions. They look great on greating cards, as simple window decorations or garlands or as part of spring art collages. Mom will love these!

paper plate flowers
Paper Plate flowers are so so fun!

Have a go at our giant paper plate flowers – they are so vibrant and fun to create. Don’t you think they are totally instagram worthy?!

finger print hyacinths

Dali Moustache has another wonderful spring art project for you – finger print hyacinth collages. Aren’t they gorgeous? Each flower petal is a finger print. So cute.

Love this Pop Up Flower Garden card!

And lovely Flower Bookmarks – the perfect little Spring Gift Idea! Who needs sunshine when you have these beaming little flowers.

Easy 3d Spring Flowers!

Egg Carton Spring Crafts

Egg Carton Blossom Fairy Lights – we had a great time cutting out egg carton “nests”, painting them daffodil yellow and blossom pink and turning them into these quirky fairy lights! (we even added a little glitter for that extra sparkle!). So fun.

Four Seasons - Spring Nature Art

We love exploring the Four Seasons and have made a number of art projects based on these in the past. Our spring art version would be this Blossom Tree, made with nature finds… or our…

Bubble Wrap Blossom Tree – bubble wrapping printing is great fun and a lovely way to explore the process of printing making. I think both of these would make great classroom art projects too!

Stunning Paper Daffodil Spring Flowers for Adults. Definitely pinterest worthy!

Similarly some gorgeous Paper Tulip Spring Flowers for Adults to make


Blue Bear Wood shows us hwo to make these cute Bottle Top Flowers – a lovely way to upcycle and combining recycled tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make such a cheerful spring craft.

spring flowers

Me and My Shadow: Egg Carton Daffodil Craft

Garden Spring Crafts

Easy cress head egg people for preschoolers

Classic Egg Cress Heads or “sprout heads”. Kids will delight in these little growing craft. The egg shells become mini flower pots that you can decorate, and you can “practically see” the seeds unfurl and crow. Super fast results, great for impatient little ones.

crafts for boys

Grass Heads – if the kids loved the cress heads shared above.. your next stop is GRASS HEADS. These also grow pretty quickly, but what is even more fun, is that you get to give your grass head some hair cuts and hair styles.. how fun is that? Definitely a fantastic STEAM lesson plan for the classroom!

Spring Crafts (2)

Or go ven further and make these oh so cool Grass Caterpillars as part of your school garden classroom!


Kids of all ages, will love these Cookie Cutter Paper mache seed bombs by Me and My Shadow.

mini garden

Don’t have much outdoor space, then how about a Creating Indoor Gardens?

Plant Markers

Stone Markers – are a super way to engage the kids in the garden. My kids where tiny when we made these – they LOVED painting the rocks in bright colours and I added the plant names in sharpies. Older kids can have a go at practicing their writing skills too. Such a super simple spring craft for the garden. Simple crafting at it’s best!

seedbomb easter eggs

Egg Shell Seed Bombs

Other Spring Crafts for Kids

Easter Tree - Spring Craft Ideas

Decorate a Spring Tree – a wonderful way to express yourself and creat some 3d Spring Art, is to decorate a spring tree with the kids. It is so fun and easy to do. The kids especially loved adding the tissue paper blossom – great for their finger motor skills and so effective!

Learn How To Make a pinwheel – we made ours from some recycled plastic sheets (subject dividers), for some outdoor longevity!

wild violet cookies

Me and My Shadow: Violet Cookies (14min)

Wonderful 3D Spring Wreaths (great for Spring, Easter and Mother’s Day!)

Sprint Activities Montessori

Plant Related Montesorri Spring Activities


Spring Fairies

Don’t forget to check out our Bunny Crafts (including lots of Easter bunny ideas!), Sheep Crafts and Chick Crafts!!