Easter Suncatcher Decorations Templates

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A super lovely classic Easter craft for preschoolers – maker some Easter Suncatcher Decorations. Today, have some Easter Egg Templates free to download, making this a super quick and easy craft to make with little ones!

Easter Egg Suncatcher
Fun with egg shaped suncatcher templates since 2021

My lovely reader, Ashley SB, in my Easy Crafts for Kids Facebook group shared her photos with me today!

Making window suncatchers for preschoolers is a wonderful activity with lots of opportunity for little ones to learn. And the resulst are just so sweet.

Kids get practice their cutting skills, will enjoy the process of sticking the tissue paper AND can explore a little bit of colour theory too – where the different layers of tissue paper overlap!

Once you have had a go making your Egg Window Decorations, why not have a go at designing some of your own Easter Suncatchers? Like my reader’s bunny suncatcher? So cute!

Traditionally you use contact paper (also known as sticky back plastic) to make these tissue paper egg window decorations. If you don’t have any contact paper, or better still, if you are looking for an eco friendly alternative, you can try using plain white tissue paper for your background – I will tell you where and how in the instructions to this!

Easter Suncatchers – materials:

  • Recycled tissue paper (we have a whole box full saved from gift wrap, shop wrapping or flower bouquets)
  • Black card – though you could do these with recycled card – e.g. from a cereal packed too.. once against the window, you won’t see the detail)
  • Contact paper/ Sticky back plastic, or as mentioned above – recycled WHITE tissue paper*
  • Scissors
  • *if using white tissue paper, you will also need some glue – either a glue stick or white glue

Your free Suncatcher EGG Templates – I have 2 sizes for you to choose from:

How to make your Easter Suncatcher window decorations:

Ok.. I am going to cheat now.. and use some photos from our Poppy Suncatchers – they are the same process.. and it means, I can bring this post to you, as well as the free egg suncatcher template MORE QUICKLY!!! And also, if you like the poppies.. you can hop over and grab yourself that free poppy template too!

How to make your Egg Suncatchers

Depending on the age group and number of children in your group you may want to prep more or less of these – for example, older children can cut out their own paper poppy outlines and younger children can either tear or cut their own tissue paper (great for fine motor skills either way).

If you have limited time and are working with a bigger group, you may want to prep all your self.

Cut your Egg outlines out of the black paper – as mentioned, I have egg templates in two sizes. One uses a whole sheet, the other you can cut two per sheet. Having said that, if you cut carefully, you can use the “inside” of your egg again and make another smaller egg..

Using masking tape, tape down your contact paper or tissue paper – sticky side facing up.

Make it as small or large as you like! eg one per child or a large sheet for everyone to work on!

Get the children to tear or cut the red tissue paper – smaller squares are good.

For Easter Egg suncatchers a variety of colours is best!

If using contact paper, the kids can now start stcking the egg suncatcher together. They can have the colours all jumbled up or could make “lines” and patterns in the eggs. Totally their choice.

If using tissue paper (eco friendly!) either thinly spread some white glue over the it all, so the kids can just stick. Or have a pot of glue handy for them to dip the tissue paper or you can use a glue stick for each piece of paper. Of course this option is a little messier. So if working in a large group the contact paper is easier. If working 1 to 1 at home, the tissue paper is a great option! If using this method, let fully dry before moving on.

Now you can cut our your DIY Egg Suncatchers – either leave a small rim of contact paper (so it can stick directly to a window) or cut out exactly and secure your lovely egg window decorations with bluetak or similar!

Arent’ they lovely? A great activity for the run up to Easter!

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