Pop Up Easter Egg Card Printable

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Pop Up Easter Egg Card Printable – using only one sheet of printer paper and no glue needed! A super cute and fun way to make quick and easy Easter Egg Pop Up Cards! Adding to our ever growing collection of Handmade Easter Cards for you to browse!

Pop Up Easter Egg Card - made from one sheet of paper
Making Easter Egg Pop up cards since March 2021

Super simple Easter Egg Pop up cards – this project can be used to fill time at the end of lessons or can be sent home for completion at home!

It teaches kids how to make a simple pop up card and allows them to customize the Easter eggs – turn them into a Easter chick or a bunny or decorate with patterns. The patterns can be simple or as detailed as they like. Making this pop up card suitable for all ages groups.

Experiment using pencils, pens or watercolors depending on time and resources. Then simply add some Easter Messages for Kids and you are done.

Materials needed to make your pop up egg cards

  • White printer paper – only one sheet of paper needed! & template
  • Printer
  • Pens, pencils, watercolors as desired
  • Scissors

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How to assemble the Pop Up Easter Egg Card

Watch the simple overview video on auto play or follow the instructions shared here!

Color and cut

Begin by coloring in your Easter Eggs. You can go as crazy or a simple as you like!

Cut out the big rectangle (do not cut the card in half).

cut the egg along the dotted line

Fold along the dotted lines length wise. The print should be on the outside.

Cut out the large egg along the dotted lines. Note – there is a middle section you must not cut.

Fold the crease for the Pop Up Easter Egg Card

Fold along this uncut line. Make sure the crease is neat.

Fold width wise

Open the paper all the way. Now fold across the width – again with the print on the outside.

finisged pop up egg card

Fold in half again. Pull the Easter egg shape out towards you, so that it pops. Neaten the creases.

You have assembled your basic pop up Easter Egg card!

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