Easy Beaded Pipecleaner Heart Ornaments


The 31 Days of Love guest series continues, as I welcome Valerie from Inner Child Fun to share this adorable fine motor skills activity for Valentine’s Day – a super cute Toddler Heart Craft!

Making easy beaded pipecleaner hearts is a great Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschoolers! And is a super duper cute heart decoration!

Easy Beaded Heart Ornaments

These easy beaded heart ornaments are sure to add a bit of Valentine fun and flair to your home decor. They are so sparkly and stunning! If you are looking for a simple handmade gift the kids can make for Valentine’s Day, this is it. These easy beaded heart ornaments would also be great as gift-toppers too!

How to make easy beaded pipecleaner heart ornaments of your own:

Gather Your Materials:

For this beaded heart ornament craft, you will need:
   – Pipecleaners
   – Pony Beads (or similar)

Beading the Pipecleaner:

To begin, add some beads from one end of the pipecleaner until you reach the mid-point. You may want to experiment with different patterns of beads to see what looks best.

I found it easier to leave a some space in-between each bead and let the pipecleaner show a bit. Leave a bit of space at the ends of the pipecleaner too.

Repeat the Pattern

Beaded Heart Ornaments for kids to make at Valentine's

Once one side of the pipecleaner has been beaded, repeat the same pattern of beads onto the other end of the pipecleaner.

Twist the Ends

Once the pipecleaner has been beaded, twist the ends of the pipecleaner together.

Bend into Heart Shape

Bend the twisted ends to form the bottom point of the heart. Next, reach directly across to the mid-point of the pipecleaner and bend it down to form a “V” at the top of the heart.

Video Tutorial – Easy Beaded Heart Ornaments:

Here is a short video showing how to make easy beaded heart ornaments with step by step instructions:

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A big thank you to Maggy for hosting me on the 31 Days of Love here on Red Ted Art. There are so many creative projects to be featured this year, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

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