Stained Glass Heart Valentine’s Game for Kids

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Time for another fablous Valentine’s Day Printable today!! Not just any printable craft – but a quick and easy Stained Glass Heart Valentine’s Game for Kids!

We love Paper Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids!! Especially, Printable Valentine’s Projects!

Fabulous Stained Glass Valentines Game

Hello! My name is Tyler and Iā€™m excited to be with you guys today as part of the 31 Days of Love Series on Red Ted Art!  I blog at Kids Love Board Games.  On the site you can find articles on why we think board games are such an AMAZING activity for kids, free printable games, and board games recommendations and reviews.

I am a sucker for ANY kids activity I can add dice to.  As a board game lover, dice were the primary tool that taught our kids to count, add, and subtract.  It was amazing how quickly and easily they picked up these skills. Ever since that first realization that our son had picked up all these skills playing dice games, we’ve looked to add as many dice activities into their lives as possible.  Activities like this ‘roll a Valentine stained glass’ are a perfect way to get more dice into your kids life!

DIY Stained Glass Valentine’s Game – Supplies Needed:

  • Free printable file (enter $0 at check out for this freebie)
  • Something to color with (crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints)
  • A 6 sided die

Remember to add $0 at check out for this freebie!

To make your Stained Glass Valentine’s game

First, print out one or both of the Valentines and gather the other supplies above.

How to play your Stained Glass Valentine’s Game

Once you have all the supplies, have your kid(s) select six colors they want to use in their Valentine.  I recommend picking a wide variety of colors for best results, not 6 shades of purple like my daughter badly wanted to use! It helped us to put all the other colors back in the box to help keep things straight.  Once you have the colors selected the real fun begins.

Step 1:  To start have your kids roll the die.  For whatever number comes up on the die, have them pick a color and fill in ALL the ‘panes’ with that number.  Then put that color away to make sure they don’t reuse it by mistake. 

Step 2:Repeat this roll, color, remove process until all the panes are filled in, and your masterpiece Valentine is completely colored in.

Step 3: After the coloring is done, have them cut out the Valentine and sign it!

While the dice isn’t strictly necessary for this activity, I love how it ‘gamifies’ the Valentines making process AND adds in fun learning for the kids as they are constantly counting the die pips and working to complete the Valentine.

Fabulous Stained Glass Valentines Game

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