How to make Paracord Bracelets (with no Buckle and adjustable strap)

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Last year it was all about Rainbow Loom Bands (in fact, my kids still love loom bands and they do get carted out regularly..), but THIS year.. we have discovered PARACORDS! Paracords are those strong, colourful, thick cords, associated with outdoor types, you will find sailors using or climbers, the military… etc. Originally they were designed and made for Parachutes (hence the name) and have since found many more uses. And one such use is… the humble crafter!!! Use “odds and ends” of paracords to make fabulous bracelets. There are so many different patterns and crafts out there and we would like to introduce you to some of the basics. Today we have the Cobra Weave Pattern.

How to make Paracord Bracelets - this tutorial shows how to make the bracelets without buckles - great for any time any place. My son adores his.

I show you how to make the Cobra Weave Bracelet using NO BUCKLES. I like not using buckles, as it means you can make as many as you like, without running out. It also means that you can make these adjustable straps, which means these will fit anyone!

The cool thing about these bracelets, is that both my 5 and 7 yrs old learnt how to make them very quickly and it is a great introduction to knot making skills. Of course, I helped them – especially with the measuring of the paracords, but also the singing of the cord ends.

Cobra Weave Paracord Bracelet – materials:

  • 2 Pieces of paracord approx 12inch (for the adjustable straps)
  • 1 long main colour of paracord approx 58inchs (this will fit an adult)

(Amazon has some starter sets here – for US Readers and for UK Readers – affiliate links)

Cobra Weave Paracord Bracelet – How To:

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Hope you like our bracelet ideas!