Easy Father’s Day Book Card

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Time to welcome back the wonderful Cinta And Co to share a great Father’s Day Book Card for kids to make. This makes a great “alternative” to the traditional Father’s Day Card.

A great gift to make for Dad and perfect for any age group whether you are looking for Preschooler Father’s Day Crafts or working with older kids!

Books for Dad on Father's Day

I am so happy to be part of the 31 Days of Dad series on Red Ted Art! Thank you Maggy for including me. My name is Jacinta, and I think that this is my 3rd contribution to the amazing Red Ted Art library of beautiful craft activities. For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Australian based Scientist and Mum of three, hoping to inspire creative kids and fun mums, families and educators. I post bright and colourful learning projects on my Instagram page @cintaandco. It’s called Cinta & Co. as my family and friends call me Cinta – short for Jacinta, and my kids are my co. – you will often see their little hands hard at work in the photos that I post. Today, I would like to share a really simple and fun handmade card that you can make to help celebrate all the things that you love about your dad. The activity is great for developing drawing, scissor and fine motor skills, and the finished product make a beautiful gift for dad.

To make your Father’s Day Book Cards you will need:

  • Printout of questions about Dad
  • Marks pens or pencils
  • Scissors
  • Washi Tape

How to make a Father’s Day Book Card

  1. Read the questions to your child and ask them to draw the answers to these questions.
  • Using scissors, cut the page along the lines to make your individual pages.
Process step for the easy father's day booklet - cut the pages
  • Pair the pages together.
  • Tape the pages together with washi tape along the top of each page.
Paired pages with tape
  • Tape the pages together to form the book.
pages being taped together for father's day booklets

Add tape to the ends and trim off any excess!

  • Fold the pages to form a book.
finished father's day booklet

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