Photo Countdown Calendar with Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

Do the kids LOVE counting down to a special event? Be it end of the school year, a birthday or Christmas?

We have a super fun Photo Countdown Calendar for you to make today, using the fantastic Scotch Wall-Safe Tape!

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Scotch Wall-Safe Tape.

Photo Advent Calendar for Christmas a fun countown activity to revisit the year gone by!

Photo Wall – Materials:

  • Your favourite photos – these could be 24 photos of the year gone by if counting down to Christmas, or could be highlights of the school year if counting down to end of school.. or birthday photos from the years gone by if counting down to a birthday!
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

Scotch Wall-Safe Tape is PERFECT for this Calendar Idea.. you can stick it to walls and easily removable without leaving any marks within 30days. A 24 Day Advent Calendar Countdown is the perfect use for these. You can even remove the tape from the phots easily and safely and then use the photos for photo frames or photo albums afterwards!

How to make your Photo Countdown Calendar with Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

Cut out 24 hearts (or circles or squares) or however many you need for your countdown. Eg 9 to countdown to a 9th birthday! Add numbers.

Stick to the back of your photos (we chose a “polaroid format for fun”)

Find a nice area for your countdown – I decided to put these above my son’s bedside cabinet. In the hallway, the kitchen or above a fire place would also look great!

Add a little tape to the back of the photo and stick to the wall

Align as neatly as you can! Because the tape removes safely and easily, you can readjust any slightly wonky photos.

Day by day turn your first photo! You can even reuse the same piece of tape. Surprise the kids with a happy memory for them year!

Aaaaah so cute!

Doesn’t it look great? Such a fun way to reflext on happy memories with the family, keep the walls “safe” and be able to reuse the photos later one!

A big thank you to Scotch Wall-Safe for this fun challenge and sponsoring this blog post!