Father’s Day Cards to Make with Kids

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Time to make some Dad Cards!! If you are looking for Best Dad Cards or simple a fun Father’s Day Card to Make with Kids, we once again, bring together our favourite resources just for you.

Make Father’s Day (or Dad’s Birthday) extra special with one of thes wonderful Homemade Cards for Dad! We love easy Father’s Day Crafts for kids. Hooray.

Collage of Father's Day Cards for kids to make - Best Dad Cards

We have always enjoyed making homemade cards here at Red Ted Art – making cards, is a fun way to get “crafty”, but also do something “nice” for someone else. There is nothing more special than receiving a thoughtfully craft card through the post on a special occasion. So take a peak and see how you will create your very own Happy Fathers Day card today!

DIY Father’s Day Cards to Make with Kids

Don’t forget, though this tutorial collection is “officially” for Daddy on Father’s Day, these DIY Ideas are suitable all year round. Whether you need a Card for Dad on his birthday or a simple “Best Dad Card” for another occassion, all these cards are suitable. They are to provide inspiration to you as Father’s Day approaches.. but do book mark them for another!

As with all our crafts, we try and keep our craft supplies as simple and possible, without the need to rush to the craft store and make unnecessary purchases. The majority of the DIY card making ideas here today, will need card, colored paper, pens, glue sticks and scissors.. then embellish with the bits and pieces you already have in your craft box!

Finished pop up throphy card with rosette (easy)

Easy Pop Up Trophy Cards – a super fun and simple design – no printable needed!

Father’s Day Handprint Rockets with templates – Hand prints are always fun and love how here they make the fire of the rocket!

Arty Sunprint card for Dad

Try some fun science with these cool arty Sun Print Cards for Dad! Ok for this one you do need special blue paper, but the rest is easy.

fathers day frog card

Who doesn’t love a TOAD-ally awesome pun? Combine Potato Printing with finger prints to make these cute Printed Frog Cards for Father’s Day! Use paper scraps to decorate.

axolotl fathers day card

Similarly, how about an Axolotl Print Father’s Day card? I love you alotl, dad!

Easy Origami Shirt card decorated as "Super dad"

I WILL get you excited about Origami! Yes I will!! teehee.. Seriously, if you haven’t given Origami a go yet.. do give it a try. These easy Origami shirts are actually quite easy to make (yes they are!)! There are so many great educational benefits to Origami and the results are so rewarding. And isn’t this Super Dad Shirt simply the best?! Love it!

Father's Day Tool Cards

Amazing Father’s Day Tool Cards – isn’t this a cute father’s day card?!

Best Pop Card Pun - popcorn themed card

Love the “Pop Themed Cards” – you are the BEST POP.. aren’t these the cutest and also super fun? I think googly eyes transform everything and are such a fun addition to any card. Super easy to make and a great idea from I Heart Crafty Things. Pops really are the best!

Puzzle Pieces Father's Day Card - I Love you to pieces

Or how about some super fun Puzzle Cards for Dad? Dad, I love you to pieces!!! What a fun thing to make and give. Little kiddos especially will love this one.

Father’s Day Cards with Printables

Pop Up Yoda Card - with Yoda themed puns for father's day

Have a Star Wars Fan in the house? Yoda Best Dad – of course Dad is the Best!!! Learn how to make these fun Pop Up Yoda cards from Scratch (no printables needed) OR make use of our Yoda Printable and printable Star Wars puns – suitable for more than just Dad!

Best Dad and Super Dad printable cards

One of our free printables for Father’s Day (with more to come soon!!) – make your own “Pop Up” Super Dad Card or Pop Up Best Dad Card. Both printables are great Dad Card idea to make for Father’s Day or Dad’s Birthday!

Fabulous coloring page printable Father's Day Cards

Similarly we have some fabulous Coloring Page Trophy Cards.

Dad Rocks Guitar Card DIY

Printable Guitar Cards for Dad’s that Rock!

Fun Newspaper Art for Father’s Day. Make these personalised cactus with the handy Father’s Day templates!

Originally a Valentine’s Day Craft (with free templates), but I think this love you to the moon and back would be wonderful for father’s day too!

Have fun with this DIY Dress Up Teddy Card for Dad. So cute and complete with handy printable!

Dad Cards made by Younger Kids

Father’s Day Medals with hidden message and photos

How about some easy Handprint Monster Hugs from your little Monsters this Father’s Day? Love all the arty paper creation too!

Printable Seahorse Father’s Day Card – love this easy expanding card idea for Father’s Day with the free printable Seahorse motive. So cute! Not your traditional fishing card, but definitely one you could use for “fishing dad”, don’t you think?

You make me hap-PEA cards for kids to print and make! So cute right? Love how the pees in the pod represent the whole family.

Collage of how to make a Handprint card turtle for Dad

Easy Turtle Handprint Card for Father’s Day. Kids will have lots of fun making these adorable Turtle Handprint Cards. Love the tactileness of the pom pom Turtle Shells! I think they would be easily adapted into dinosaur father’s day card ideas too? Right?

Still feeling nifty? Why not creat this quirky and super fun Nuts & Bolts Father’s Day Card for the DIY Dad!

Footprint card for Best dad Card by toddler

You sure need a Great Trophy Card if you are doing a colelction of Father’s Day Card ideas!! Here is a super fun Footprint Father’s Day card made by the Pinterested Parent and her kids.

Easy Monster Card for young kids to make. Looking at shapes and colours

Monster Shape Cards – these would make great Dad cards to make for toddlers and preschoolers. Explore shapes and colours and turn them into “Your Little Monster” cards! We used craft foam sheets for this, but I would probably replace it now with some more eco friendly materials.

Toddler with homemade robot card for dad

Another fun and easy Father’s Day Card to make for toddlers are these simple shape Robot Cards! Again, you can use the opportunity to talk about squares and rectangles and different colours. Add a “You are my favourite human” pun and they make the perfect card for dad on Father’s Day or his Birthday!

Alternative ideas to Father’s Day Cards:

A lovely “Dad, thanks for helping me grow” Father’s Day activity to make for Dad’s that love to garden. How cute are these “message plants” for Father’s Day? A great way to make something special for dad (and sneak in a bit of writing practice too!).

Fun Jar Lid Medals

Or make dad some fabulously fun Jar Lid Medals?

Finally.. how about some Father’s Day Candy Cards? A great way to give sweet treats!

I do hope you have been inspired by todayes adorable cards and crafts and that you give some of these handmade cards to show your appreciation a go! So many fun and cool card DIYs to make!

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Collage of Dad Cards for Kids to Make