Easy Flapping Birds Paper Craft

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The lovely Jen from Studio Rosie on Instagram shares a lovely and easy Flapping Birds Paper Craft with us today! A great paper STEAM project exploring mechanics. The kids will love it – so fun to make your own paper toys!

flapping bird paper craft

It is a lovely opportunity to read a beautifully illustrated story and get crafty! Reminds me of the “early days” of Red Ted Art, when we would frequently combine stories with crafting (our most favourite craft to date, being the Dancing Giraffes for Giraffes Don’t Dance!). As my kids get older, it has been a little while for me to be able to share a gorgeous story book and craft. So Jen’s gorgeous Paper Birds come just at the right time!

Over to Jen and this lovely moving paper bird craft idea (and you will love how very easy it is to make.. especially as she has created a template for you too!).

Flying Birds from Soar

I love bringing a book to life with craft projects for my daughter. This simple flying bird craft is inspired by the book, Soar, by Hillary Daecher with illustrations by Angie Hohenadel. 

Soar is about a hummingbird facing his fears and learning how to fly. I love the message of the book and my daughter was rooting for Ramone the hummingbird the whole time! The illustrations are just beautiful and the perfect inspiration for this watercolor craft.

Soar book

The book, Soar, can be purchased here (please note, this is NOT an affiliate link, link has been added to support the author!)

Jen has created a lovely bird template for you in her Etsy Shop! By making this small purchase you are helping a creative keep staying creative.. and bring you lovely templates and ideas! Do take a look at the printable template here.

How to make a Flapping Paper Bird Craft

flapping paper birds

1) Download and print the bird template. Color in the bird with crayons, markers, paint, whatever you have! We used watercolors and tried matching colors from the book.

cut the paper bird

2) Cut out the bird.

3) Glue a clothespin to the back of the bird. The side of the clothespin that grips should be by the head of the bird, the side of the clothespin you pinch to open should be by the tail.

make the mechanics to flap

4) Fold the wings up at a 90 degree angle.

5) Cut a small strip of paper about the length of the wings. Glue the strip of paper to the underside of the wings while they are still folded in the 90 degree angle.

6) Pinch the clothespin to see the bird flap its wings!

flapping birds from paper

I hoep you have enoyed today’s guest post! Please do remember to visit Studio Rosie on instagram too!

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