Easy Valentines Bee Craft for Kids

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We love making handmade Valentines cards! And have a set of wonderful Valentine’s Day Cards for kids of all ages for you to browse. Today, we have a new addition – this easy Valentines Bee Craft for kids! This Valentines Bee Card is quick and easy to make – perfect for anyone need to make “lots” of cards in one go, or working in the classroom! Little kids as well as big kids can enjoy this craft!

Valentines Bee for kids

If you are looking for classroom resources or crafting with little ones at home, I think you will enjoy this lovely little “Bee Mine” Card! It isues basic shapes that kids can manage.

If working with younger kids such as kindergartners or preschoolers (toddlers may even manage too), you have a choice – either get them to practice their cutting skills – especially when it comes to cutting straight lines of black paper… OR you can help them along by pre cutting these basic shapes ahead of your crafting session. The bee cards are quick and easy to prepare even if working with a group of children.

If working with older children – e.g. in elementary school or even upper elementary school, they should be able to manage this cute and simple Bee card by themselves! Making this a great school Valentines project!

They may also love this Pop Up Bee card – it is also made from basic shapes (mostly circles!) and you could easily had a large heart or two as well as a “Bee Mine” speech bubble, in order to turn it into a Valentines Bee Card:

3d Paper Bee Card

This simple bee card is part of our Super Simple Valentine’s Day cards series. There are 5 in total – the Love Monster Card, Owl.. and as you can see some more Valentines Bugs friends more on these coming soon!:

valentines bee craft

Don’t these little bugs look fabulous together! A simple process to make these cute little DIY Valentines and a fun way to wish someone a happy valentine’s day!! To be honest, I htink they would make super cute birthday cards too – we are gifting our bee to our lovely little 4yrs old neighbour!

valentines bug crafts
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Supplies needed for this cute Valentines Bee Craft:

So to make your cute Valentine’s Day cards, you will need…

  • yellow cardstock – A5 folded in half to make an A6 card. Though thicker construction paper and card of any size is fine!
  • black construction paper cut offs
  • paper scraps in pink and red (optional – you can make the large heart in any colour really!)
  • markers
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Watch the video on auto play or follow the step by step instructions!

How to make a Valentines Bee Card from Paper

As with all our Super Simple Card Designs (have you seen the Super Simple Christmas Card set?!), the aim of the cards is for them to be super cute, but also super simple and with that super QUICK to make. So that you can set up a little production line and make these easy handmade Valentines Cards in “bulk” – this is perfect for gifting cards to classmates or lots of friends or family. Or maybe even, random acts of kindness? You could make a set and gift to a local care home – as my lovely friends from Inner Child Fun have done in the past?

valentines bee card

To begin making your simple valentine’s day cards, fold your A5 card in half to make an A6 card. Use this folded card to help guide you when cutting out the black strips from construction paper: we laid the black paper over the top and cut along the edge.

Then we cut thinner strips of paper to make the bee stripes.

Stick down the black strips onto your yellow bee card – evenly spaced – leaving approximately the top 3rd of the card free to shape the bee’s face later.

Cut out a large heart out of red paper (any coloured paper would look nice as a paper heart! Use what you have to hand or a colour that the recipient loves! You just need a simple paper heart shape in any colour!).

valentines bee craft

Once you have glue the paper heart shape in place. Shape the top of the card into a bees head.

If you feel a little worried about doing this, you can sketch out the arch with a pencil first and then be more confident in cutting the shape.

Use pink paper and black paper cut offs to cut some little pink cheeks (a hole punch would be handy for this too), as well as some simple antennae. Don’t make the antennae too long, you still want your card to fit neatly into a standard envelope!

Glue in place and draw a simple face! We did simple lines for this bee. But you could easily take a pencil or marker and draw some of the DIY heart shaped googly eyes you can see in the other bug cards too. So cute!

valentines bee craft

And when you write inside the card, don’t forget to add a “Bee Mine” message. In face you can write “bee mine” on the heart shape on the front of the card too if you wish. We do love a cute puns for Valentines. I also love layering paper hearts. e.g Take a look at the pink and red heart on this Koala bookmark. So cute! As always, work with what you have to hand and personalise to your tastes!

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Hope you have a go at making your own homemade valentine cards whether it is our simple valentines cards shared here today, or from our extensive DIY Valentines Card range here – we have lots of ideas for Preschoolers, as well as for older kids (the pop up cards are fabulous):

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