Easy Giraffe Corner Bookmark Design for Kids


Well… I am sure you have ALL heard about April the Giraffe FINALLY giving birth to it’s baby giraffe. It *only* took 16 months.. and it is an event that was awaited on a live webcam for days, actually weeks!! And FINALLY, this week just passed, April did it!

And gave birth to a darling little baby giraffe.  To celebrate this oh so exciting event.. we have done it again, yes, you guessed it… ANOTHER Corner Bookmark. This time the Easy Giraffe Corner Bookmark Design! Teehee. Can’t get enough of them. But really… it had to be done, didn’t it????

We actually made OUR own April Giraffe as part of a set of Safari animals. The Safari Animal Bookmark collectioni includes an Elephant, a super cute Hippo, a Zebra bookmark and of course a Lion Bookmark. The Lion Bookmark was designed by my 7yrs old daughter. Adorable.

More on those gorgeous beasts soon, but today it is all about the sweet sweet mummy Giraffe. What do you think…?

Isn’t this the cutest DIY Giraffe Bookmark? I am sure the kids will LOVE her. Make her during the remaining days of the Spring Break/ Easter Holiday and bring her back to school for the last term and wow all your friends. You can read all about April and her baby Giraffe here.

Giraffe Bookmark Corner – Materials

To make your oh so cute giraffe bookmark corner, you will need the following craft basics.

  • Yellow paper (A5 or a square sheet of similar size)
  • Brown paper or pens
  • Darker yellow paper (optional, it can be the same size as the main yellow paper)
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make a Giraffe Bookmark Corner

Our sweet little giraffe corner bookmark is made using the basic Origami Bookmark Corner shape. We then trimmed a little, added on some details and hey presto, to have a wonderful Giraffe. The video, as always shows you how quick, simple and easy it is to make her!

How to make a basic bookmark corner:

Time needed: 5 minutes

Making a corner bookmark is SUPER easy. We have more detailed instructions with step by step photos here. Or, as mentioned watch the videos below. The basic bookmark only takes minutes to make. You can then take your time over decorating them into pokemon bookmarks.

  1. Fold the square paper across the diagonal to make a triangle

  2. Rotate to bring the long edge parallel, then bring the right corner up to meet the top corner.

  3. Repeat with the corner. You should now have a smaller diamond with a line down the middle.

  4. Open up the last two folds.

  5. Folds down the top corner – only take one sheet of paper.

  6. Bring the right corner back up and fold into the flap.

  7. Repeat with the left corner.

Now you have your basic corner bookmarks, learn how to turn them into your Giraffe Bookmarks! Love.

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