Easy Kids’ Ornament – Hama Bead Star


My kids are NUTS about Hama Bead DIYs (also known as Melty Beads or Perler Beads) and they can sit there for hours “beading away”. Yes, good for me, as I get some peace and quiet for more blog writing (hehehe). The downside of course is that we have LOTS of Hama Bead creations everywhere. So.. I have been gently encouraging them to use the Star template – a perfect and colourful DIY Ornament for the tree… and of course a great gift for family members too. Result.

Easy Ornament for Kids - Hama Bead Star

This Star Ornament was made by Pip Squeak aged 3.5yrs at the time.

You can encourage older kids to stick to certain colours or to create patterns in the stars themselves.

Another easy Kids’ Ornament “sorted”.

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