Frozen Crafts – Olaf Cork Ornament

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Soooo we were making “snowmen” ornaments the other day (check out our Rainbow Snowmen Ornaments here and lots more DIY Ornaments to browse too)… and had JUST finished them all off… when I suddenly thought.. hey… I want to build a snooooowoman…..! In which case we NEED and Olaf Snowman Ornament too.. and hey presto, 10 minutes (or so) later, I had whipped up this little Frozen craft for you (actually, I tell a lie, if you include 10minutes for the paint to dry, we are looking at about a 20-25min craft!!). What do you think? Do you like our Champagne Cork turned Olaf Craft?! Super easy to do and lots of fun! My kids ADORE him.

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Frozen Olaf Craft Materials:

  • Champagne Corks (or prosecco!!)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Pipe cleaners – I had very thin “mini” pipecleaners in black and brown, but you could use real twigs or card board cut out if you don’t have any?
  • Black and orange pens

How to make your Olaf Cork Ornament:

Frozen Crafts - Olaf Cork Snowman

1) Paint your corks white.

2) I used a wire cutter, with a pointy end to make a hole in the top of the cork – use scissors or a sharp knife instead. But handle with care!

3) Cut 3 black pieces of your pipe cleaner (I did 2 first, but added a third later as I thought it looked better)

4) Make your Olaf craft arms – cut a longish brown bit, then a shorter brown bit of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the longer one – to make a 3 fingered hand. Again, make a hole with your sharp implement and popp them in. I think I could have made our Olfa’s arms a little smaller… also, for longevity, you can add a bit of PVA glue to keep them in place.


Frozen Crafts -- Olaf Cork Snowman5) Finally draw your “Olaf” features… you need the big eyes, eye brows and open mouth grin. Practice on a piece of paper first if you are nervous.. or paint over it with white and try again!

Frozen Olaf Craft - Cork Snowman

And now you Olaf Craft is FINISHED. Woohoo!

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