Easy Oil Pastel Heart Cards for Valentine’s

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Our Kids Valentine’s Day Crafts journey continues, with some lovely Oil Patel Heart Cards for Valentine’s.

A perfect Valentine’s Day Card Making Idea for Kids – if the enjoy this, why not bookmark it for Mother’s Day too!?

Hi, I’m Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs and so happy to be apart of the 31 Days of Love on Red Ted Art.

I love Valentines’. It is one of my favorite holidays. My girls and I always enjoy creating and do doing fun activities with it. We always have fun creating new ideas.

Today I have a really fun and simple heart card you can make. I love that this card is super easy and fun for kids.

I know that when Valentine comes we enjoy fun cards that we can make. These are great for that

Items we used to make the Valentines Oil Pastel Heart Card

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  • 2 piece of white cardstock
  • oil pastels (neon) US/ UK
  • heart punch US/ UK
  • green marker

How to make the Valentines Oil Pastel Heart Card

Step 1: You use a piece of cardstock to make heart stencils. You punch out a few of the hearts and use the cutout part to make the stencil. I make as many hearts as colors I plan to use.

Step 2: You take the second piece of cardstock and fold it in half. This creates the card.

Step 3: You take a marker and trace stems on the front of the card. I make a dot to keep in mind where the stems cross over.

Step 4: You start coloring the hearts. You put the stencil on the paper and color in the stencil using and oil pastel. I use a stencil for each color I use. This allows you not to mix colors except where they overlap on the coloring.

Step 5: You lay the hearts on each other working down to the top of the stems.

Step 6: You draw the bow where the stems cross over each other.

Here is a look at our final card. You can add any fun words you want to the card. These are simple and fun and easy to change up for any theme you want.

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