Love Snow Globe for Kids to make on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids are simply the best! It is an opportunity to make some super cute for your friends and family! Like this adorable Love Snow Globe for Kids. Part of our 31 Days of Love Series!

Hi! I’m Erin from and I’m so excited to share this love themed snow globe with you today.

I love making snow globes with kids because they always turn out fun. There is nothing like shaking up a snow globe and just watching the glitter slowly fall to the bottom.

Love Snow Globe Materials

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  • Snow Globe – US/ UK
  • Water – distilled is best
  • Glycerin – US/ UK
  • Small plastic toys – US/ UK Or why not some pokemon? US/ UK
  • Heart Glitter – US/ UK
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make Your Own Love Snow Globe

Gather your Love Snow Globe supples

First, gather all of your materials. Make sure you have glycerin. This helps the glitter fall more slowly. Without the glycerin, the glitter falls too fast.

You’ll also need small plastic toys to be the center. We used Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony since she’s pink and a favorite in our house.

Be creative! We’ve used LEGO figures in the past as well as a variety of plastic toys. Adding in small touches like little animals completes the scene.

For glitter, I recommend some small glitter and some larger pieces. If you decide to do red hearts I’d suggest adding in some white or pink glitter as well. An all red snow globe can be intense.

Start making your Love Snow Globes

Once you’ve collected everything you need, use a hot glue gun to attach your plastic figure to the base of the snow globe. Make sure it’s secure and dry before adding water.

Now it’s time to add the water and glitter to the snow globe. Start by adding a bit of water – perhaps about half full. Then add your glitter. It’s up to you how much stuff you want flying around.

Add your glycerin. The more you add, the slower the glitter with float to the bottom. I’d suggest at least a tablespoon. 

Stir it all together to make sure the glitter is immersed in the water and the glycerin is dispersed.

Next, fill the snow globe to the top with water. It will overflow when you add the base, but this way you have the most water in the snow globe and the least amount of air.

Before you add the base, run water over the figure. This helps to prevent the glitter from sticking to the figure.

Now add the base to the full snow globe. Twist on the lid and make sure it is tight. You can glue the lid on if you’re worried about small hands removing the lid.

Give your snow globe a test shake to make sure it doesn’t leak. If it does leak, try tightening a little more.

Now hand it over and watch your kids eyes light up!

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