Easy Origami Cats – Paper Crafts for Kids

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Aaaah yes.. here we are again MORE Origami for Kids.. more EASY Origami for Kids.. as my kids hit 5 and 7yrs old, I find that they can do more and more origami type projects. And we particularly love the “easy and simple” origami patterns, that only need a few steps to complete – much much easier for them to remember and complete. Today, we have these cute little origami cats. And once again, they are very easy to do. A great way to introduce paper folding techniques to kids.

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Origami Cat - easy paper crafts for kidsAren’t they cute? And the kids get to decorate them which ever way they wish!

We also have a super lovely and easy origami bear you may like to check out!

Check out our Origami Cat Video here:

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Fun with Paper - DIY Paper Toys sq

We particularly LOVE these DIY Paper Spinners (great for learning about colour theory too!)

DIY Paper Spinner - simple to make and so fun to play with. Great for an STEAM lessons on colour theory

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Happy Origami making!! Hope you like our easy Origami Cats too!!