Easy Origami Bear – Panda Bear – Polar Bear – Brown Bear

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We haven’t shared a basic and easy Origami animal in a little while. Hopefully you will be familiar with this super duper cute and easy Origami Dog, as well as easy Origami Cat.. To go with this style of Origami for Kids, we also have an adorable and of course EASY Origami Bear. The great thing about this simple Origami pattern, is that you can adapt it to turn the bear into a polar bear or panda bear.. one easy Origami Pattern for kids 3 different animals from the same family. Love it.. so cute.. you may have even recently spotted the Origami Paddington Bear we made based on this pattern. Love.

Easy Origami Bear for Kids. We love paper crafts for kids.. and these oh so cute paper bears are quick and easy to learn how to make.. then decorate them as Polar Bears, Panda Bears or Grizzly Bears. Lovely and easy orgami bear for beginners!!! #PaperCrafts #Origami #EasyOrigami #Origamibear #bear #paperbear

To make your easy Origami Bear you will need

  • a square sheet of paper
  • pens for decorating

We used a sheet of paper 15 x 15cm to make our Origami Pole Bear and friends! Basically, we folded down an A5 sheet of paper.

How to make an Origami Bear (Panda Bear and friends)

In our video we show you how to make the easy Origami Panda Bear.. but of course the origami pattern is the same for the Origami Polar Bear and “basic” Origami Bear… you just need to choose the colour of paper and pens to fit your bear making needes. Enjoy!!

Watch the video here:

Now to it is time to make an Origami Bear

Learn how to make an origami Paddington Bear by watching the video on auto play. It really is very simple. I promise. And the video is a super quick and easy tutorial to follow! But of course you can follow the step by step instructions below!

Shape the bear’s ears

Create a diagonal fold

Begin by folding the square piece of paper across the diagonal to make a triangle.

Make a guide line fold down the centre of the triangle (top right)

Approximately 1/3 of the way along from the guidline fold down the right hand corner (bottom left)

And then fold back up (bottom right).

This is the basic position of one ear. Watch the video for additional info about the angles and how that shapes your bear’s features.

Repeat for the left hand corner.

Continue to shape the back of the head

Shape the back of the head

Now fold down the right tip. (Top right)

And repeat for the left tip.

Then shape the top bits of the head (bottom left).

The back of your head should look like the bottom right image.

Shape the bear’s nose/ mouth

Shape the bear mouth

Filp your origami paper over and now shape the bear’s nose and mouth by folding over one flap (top left).

Tuck the top of the flap in (top right).

Now you have a choice of shaping the bear’s face. You can either tuck the chin in a little (bottom left)…

… or fold it over completely (bottom right).

Add the finishing touches with a marker

Add the finishing touches

Finally, add your bear’s features with a black marker pen!

What do you think? Aren’t these paper bears for kids simply the cutest? The Polar Bear of course is perfect as a lovely Winter Craft For Kids. Whilst the Panda Bear and Brown Bear can be enjoyed all year round!

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