Easy Origami Paper Star Wreath

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I love it when the new generation teaches us old hands something. Last year my (then) 10yrs old neighbour showed me how to make this super simple Origami Star Wreath! I love that  it looks “clever and complicated” and simply fabulous, but is actually very easy to make. It is a great way for kids to get into Origami and have a go at an easy beginner’s origami pattern. This would look wonderful as a Christmas decoration in festive colours, or make a yellow “star burst version” or even make one for 4th of July (the Red White and Blue colours I chose for my wreath were meant to be Christmassy…. but ha, I think they work just as well if not better for 4th of July.. what do you think?! Would they make great Patriotic Decorations too?)!

We have many more beginners Origami projects for you to browse. Do take a look! We love origami, as you can make most thing out scraps of paper, any time, any place! This would make a great 4th July Craft Decoration!

Paper Star Wreath - these paper stars are surprisingly easy to make and are a fabulous introduction to beginner Origami

Origami Star Wrath materials:

  • 15 sheets Origami Paper (US/ UK) (affiliate links)
  • (you can use ordinary printer paper too, or recycle some newspaper or magazines, cut them into 15x15cm squares)

Origami Star Wrath How To:

I hope you enjoyed this paper wreath. Depending on the colours you choose these paper origami wreaths could be fabulous for any occasion. From a patriotic 4th of July, to greens and reds for Christmas?

We do think that this is a quick and easy Origami Star Wreath to learn how to make and it is great for kids to get involved too.

If you love these for 4th of July, you may like these Patriotic Paper Fans/ Patriotic Rosettes too (make them from scratch or use the handy free printable!).

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