Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

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There is something very exciting about PAPER. Paper is so simple. It is affordable and it is simply AMAZING what you can make out of paper. With the Christmas season upon us and our love for Christmas Crafts for Kids, I thought a round up of our favourite Christmas Paper Crafts would be useful!

I love Christmas Paper DIY Ideas, because all you need is said pad of paper and basic “home stationery” like scissors, glue stick and some pens. And then you can let the crafty magic happen. Turn humble paper into bookmarks, gift boxes, greeting cards, ornaments and so much more. For those of you who have a printer to hand, I have also added links to our Free Christmas Printables – of course, you will need paper AND a printer for that. So. Tie for some Christmas Paper Ideas.

Christmas Paper Crafts Materials we frequently use:

  • White printer paper (yep! Just plain old printer paper – US/ UK)
  • A pad of coloured paper (I buy pretty paper in a local store, but this looks good US/ UK)
  • Coloring Pens (we always stock up on these US/ UK)
  • Scissors (these are super good and work for left and right handed US/ UK)
  • Glue Stick (good quality! US/ UK)

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Christmas Bookmark Corners

As you may well know we have a LOVE affair with DIY Bookmark Designs.. and seem to have one for all occassions (in fact, we keep adding more Bookmark Designs weekly!! Really, you must *bookmark* (haha) the Bookmark page!!).  Anyway, I digress….. here are the bookmark designs that are perfect for Christmas (and winter beyond!). More fabulous Christmas Bookmark Ideas for you here!

  1. Reindeer Bookmark
  2. Santa Bookmark
  3. Christmas Tree Bookmark
  4. Snowman Bookmark (check out the Blindfolded Challenge too)
  5. Christmas Pikachu Bookmark
  6. Angel Emoji Bookmark
  7. Penguin Bookmark
  8. Polar Bear Bookmark

Take a peak at one of our Bookmark designs here and see how easy they are to make! 🙂

Christmas Origami Projects

As well as bookmarks, we have also fallen in love with Easy Origami for Kids – now that my kids are getting older (7yrs and almost 9yrs), we can start exploring some of these patterns and designs. The majority really are EASY, whilst the others are not as hard as they look and just need a little patience!

  1. Origami Christmas Tree
  2. Similar to the paper snowflakes, you will also love these 3d Christmas Trees.. which you can a little electric tea light too as well.
  3. Origami Penguin (works really well as a Christmas Card too)
  4. Origami Envelopes (decorate as Penguins and Polar Bears)
  5. Origami Star Wreath
  6. Origami Star Bowl
  7. Origami Paper Box
  8. Origami Lucky Stars

We particularly love the Christmas Tree Luminaries on auto play!! They are SUCH a fun project to have a go at!

Here is an example of one of our easy Origami patterns. ADORE these envelopes. They would make great Thank You notes posts Christmas!

Other Christmas Paper Crafts

Christmas Paper Toys

  1. Christmas Elf Paper Puppet (with template) – 16 boys and girls to choose from!
  2. Christmas Muliticultural Santa Puppets (with template)
  3. And of course some REINDEER Paper Puppets too (also with template)
  4. We adore these Christmas Flextangles – 3D Paper Toys that are just so quirky and fun!
  5.  Christmas 3D Friends – printable cones – snowman, penguin and more
  6. LOVE these Christmas Clothespin Puppets – they are so fun!

Paper Decorations

  1. Cutest of cute Paper Santa Lanterns
  2. We absolutely ADORE these 3d Paper Christmas Gnomes. They are sooo cute and the basic gnome template is FREE to download.
  3. Kirigami Stars (these are simple and super popular)
  4. Giant Paper Bag Star/ Snowflake
  5. 3D Paper Snowflake
  6.  Christmas 3D Friends – printable cones – snowman, penguin and more
  7. 3d Christmas Tree Cones to colour yourself
  8. Love these fun Dancing Newspaper Elves by Kids Crafts Room

Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. Paper Fan Angel Ornaments
  2. Paper Baubles
  3. Paper Snowman Ornaments
  4. Fabulous Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees (great as Napkin Rings or Ornaments)

Paper Gift Wrap

  1. DIY Paper Gift Bag
  2. Kirigami Paper Bows (beautiful gift decoration or could be added to a homemade wreath)

Take a peak at these fabulous 3D Paper Stars and one of our lovely YouTube videos!

Christmas Quilling Projects

  1. Quilled Wreath Earrings or Greeting Cards
  2. Quilled Rudolph Gift Tags or Greeting Cards
  3. Beautiful Quilled Snowflake Ornaments
  4. Quilled Christmas Trees Centre Pieces

Christmas Printables

This and the next couple of sections are highlighting other round ups of topical Christmas Paper DIYs, that you may also be interested in seeing.. but that could possibly clutter this page a little. So we have a great list of Free Christmas Printables, you will find all sorts of wonderful printables from Christmas Cootie Catchers, to gorgeous 3D Angels (great tree toppers) and some super fun DIY Photo Props! Pop over and take a peak!

Christmas Paper Crafts – Cards Kids Can Make

We have a whole set of Christmas Cards that Kids Can Make.. and I think it is probably “neatest” to keep those separate. Do hop over and take a look. There are some really cute ideas there!

(Having said that.. be sure NOT to miss out on this fabulous DIY Pop Up Christmas Card, as well as this Snowman Pop Up Card!)

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

As with the Christmas Greeting cards for kids, I could list all the Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas separately here, but I feel that the existing list of DIY Gift Wrap Ideas is sufficient for you, if you are looking for those kind of ideas!!! Do please let me know, if you think, I should list them here!!

Looking for more Christmas Crafts for Kids? Take a peak at our very popular kids craft ideas here:

Hope you feel inspired by all our Christmas Crafts, but especially by our Christmas Paper Crafts!!!!