Salt Dough Votive – Quick and Easy!

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I have been “sitting” on this craft since last year can you believe – we made these super easy and simple Salt Dough Votives last year! They are great for Kids Diwali Craft or for Christmas… or simply because you want to brighten up the deep dark gloomy winter months. And finally, I get the chance to share these with you today (and yes, you will simply have to save them as a Diwali Craft next year! Sorry). As you know we are great fan of Salt Dough (and have TONS of Salt Dough Craft Ideas for you here) – salt dough is inexpensive to make, uses simple materials and is just so so versatile. For me, I associate many a happy childhood crafting memory with salt dough and feel it is a super craft to do with kids.
simple saltdough crafts - votives for Diwali or Christmas

To make these super simple Salt Dough Votives, you will need:

  • 2 parts flour (plain)
  • 1 part salt
  • UP TO one part water
  • A tealight
  • gems/ beads/ paint to decorate

I say one **part** flour, as it doesn’t matter how big or small your “part” is. You can use an egg cup for a small amount, or a big glass for a HUGE amount (e.g. crafting in the class room). What matters is the RELATIVE AMOUNT. So make a lot or a little depending on what you have planned!

How To Make Salt Dough Votives:

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