Easy Origami Pencil

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With Back to School hurtling our way it is time to share this adorable little and easy Origami Pencil craft for kids. As you know, we love Origami for Kids, as it is fun and so very versatile, but also because it carries HUGE Educational Benefits of Origami.. and can be introduce to kids at a very young age (we have some great Origami for Preschoolers here). We particularly love this simple origami pencil, as it is quick and easy. There are number of Pencil Patterns out there. This is the easiesy by far – so easy in fact – that I have two videos – one where my then 7yrs old daughter demo’s the Origami Pencil Pattern.. and from me – because I had to upstage her.. right?!

This paper pencils would make great origami pencil bookmarks (how we love some DIY Bookmarks!) or would look great as part of a “back to school” card or “teacher thank you card” at year end. They would also make the cutest little lunchbox notes, don’t you think?!

Origami Pencil – Materials

  • Origami paper (or paper that is white on one side and coloured/ patterned on the other)
  • Scissors (you only need half a sheet of origami paper)

Our paper was approx 14 x 14cm – cut down to 7cm x 14.

How to make a Simple Origami Pencil

First up we have Pip Squeak showing you how she makes her Origami Pencil (on the video on auto play)!

As you can see from her video.. she got the Origami Pencil Pattern from – Origami For Children by Mari Ono!

Aren’t they adorable? I love how she added all those fun little Kawaii Faces!

In my video, I show both the original Paper Pencil, as well as how you use the same pattern to create the “thinner” pencils (out of the left over paper).

What do you think? Aren’t they the cutest?

Easy Origami Pencil for Kids. Make this Simple Origami Pencil for Back To School. They make great Paper Pencil Bookmarks or would be fun DIY Lunchbox Note #pencil #papercrafts #origami #backtoschool #bookmarks
First shared in August 2018

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