Origami for Preschool


Origami is a fantastic craft for kids of all ages to get into. We talked about the Educational Benefits of Origami recently and though I have a fantastic and extensive list of Origami For Kids Project ideas.. I realised we need a sub group of Origami for Preschool projects. Preschoolers are a wonderful age group to introduce the basic concepts of Origami too. Their brains are like sponges and they are so ready to dive in and improve their hand eye co-ordination and sequencing skills. We love all Paper Crafts, especially Preschool Crafts made with paper!! Inexpensive and versatile.

There are some fabulous Origami Projects for Beginners that are really suited to this young age groups. Needless to say, we all develope at a different pace and it all depends on each child individual cognitive abilities – so you may want to move between these absolute basic origami projects on to our Origami Projects for Kids (and grown ups) more quickly. I have also been contacted in the past by works in care homes, who let me know that this set of projects is also fantastic for dementia patients.

Preschool Origami. Origami for Preschoolers. Basic origami projects to start off young children. Great for dementia patients too. Get the benefits of origami with these great easy Origami Preschool projects #origami #preschool #preschoolers #papercrafts

Before we move on though.. we get this question over and over.. so let’s get it out of the way:

How do you make a Fortune Teller?

I am so pleased you asked! As I have a great Photo Step By Step guide to how to make cootie catchers or fortune tellers here.

How to make an Origami Bookmark?

Again.. yes, thank you for asking!!! We adore Origami Bookmarks and have two posts for you to explore – the first shows you how to make the very basic Origami Corner Bookmark shape. The second is a collection of over 100 Corner Bookmark Designs – inspiring you to get creative with the BASIC shape and make whatever your heart desires! You will find everything from Emoji Corner Bookmarks to Mermaid Bookmarks!!! Enjoy.

On to the task at hand – Origami for Preschool

I have sifted through all our Origami Projects to date and picked out the projects that I (!) would stary preschoolers on first. I hope you find them as useful and easy as we do!

We adore these origami tulips. The head of the tulip is SUPER easy for kids to make. You can make just the head and then stick it on a card and draw the rest, creating a wonderful tulip collage – perfect for mother’s day. The stems are still easy, but I would say a  “next step” for a child, who is a little bit  more confident in the basics of origami!

Easy Origami Bunny How To

This little easy Origami bunny is probably one of the best Origami Projects for kids that you can start out on (well these and the tulips, but I find that the bunnies have more appeal to both boys and girls – say what you like.. but I do find boys and girls have slightly different preferences).

Origami Cat - easy paper crafts for kids

As cat owners and cat lovers, we needed to have a go at these super simple Origami Cats! My kids adore them and they are as easy as the ever popular Origami Bunnies shared above.


Next steps? Check out these STANDING cute origami cats! Similarly we have some adorable Origami Black Cats for Halloween!

Easy Origami Dog for kids! Such a cute paper craft for kids. Turn it your favourite breed. You can even make an emoji puppy origami!

Similarly we have some cute Origami Dogs – turn them into the Puppy Emoji?

One easy origami bear.. turn it into 3 different crafts – the origami polar bear, origami panda and the origami bear.

Three Little Pigs Houses

I ADORE these oh so easy Paper House. This is a craft from childhood memories and is super duper easy to make.. you can then decorate and play. We LOVED making it as part of a “3 Little Pigs Play Set” we created.


Cutest little Origami Penguins – these double up nicely as Greeting Cards or Thank You notes

And a super easy Origami Paddington Bear – adorable and suprisingly easy (turn it into Padding Bear Party invites?)

Lern how to make the super basic Origami Corner Bookmark – the kids can then decorate these however they wish!

Feeling more confident and ready for a new fold or adding sequences?

Have the preschoolers mastered all of the Orgami projects above? Is it time to move on to the next level of Origami Patterns? This section still shares the easiest of our Origami Patterns for beginners, but do require that next level of understanding and think. This will test memory skills (there are a few more steps) or introduce new (but basic) Origami folds.

origami for kids

A nice take on the very simple paper cups origami. These Origami Paper Cups can be used in SO MANY different ways – from this simple ball toss game, to actually drinking water from them, to hanging 24 in a row and making your own Origami Advent calendar.. so many possibilities and one easy paper cup Origami craft!

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design

Similarly we made some SUPER cute Black Cat Paper Cups – these are a lovely little decoration or work well as finger puppets too. A fabulous paper Halloween Craft indeed!

paper boats

Another childhood classic origami pattern are these adorable little Origami Boats or Paper Boats. This is one of the first origami patterns I taught my children (eventhough many of the above origami for kids ideas are easier), because I have a personal strong association with these from my childhood… you can make them, any time, anywhere and have lots of playful fun! Love.

Yes the world famous fortune teller! We love Fortune Tellers, as they make great toys as well as great paper puppets! We have a number for you to choose form here on Red Ted Art.. including the adorable Pig Cootie Catchers, printable Flower Fortune Tellers (just lovely),  and some great Christmas Cootie Catchers.

These Easy Fish Origami are “easy enough”. The sequencing need to achieve this origami pattern is “low”.. BUT it has “one” tricky fold in it. Once the kids have mastered it, this will quickly become another super duper easy project!Easy Origam Whale for Kids - super cute, fun and easy whale - a great paper craft for beginner origami kids. How to make an origami whale

Aren’t these Origami Whales simply the cutest? Nice and easy too! Promise!!

Or how about these adorable Easy Origami Dogs? If you love Scotties, you will love these little guys. Great as an on the go paper toy!

Easy Origami Shirts  – the shirts themselves are suprisingly easy. Preschoolers may not be able to draw a superhero logo!! But they can certainly decorate this origami shirt in other ways.

These are super simple Origami Envelope Chicks!!!  Write a letter, fold your envelope, decorate and post!!

Super cute and EASY Origami Bats. The kids will love these!

And another CUTE Halloween Origami – learn how to make these easy origami ghosts – they look great on their own, as bookmarks, as part of a greeting card and are quickly and easily transformed into a origami garland too! Adorable.

I hope you enjoyed these projects and that you agree with me that they are the best projects to start Origami with Preschoolers with. If have very abled young children or are ready to move on to the next challenges, do check out our complete list of Origami for Kids Projects:

Preschool Origami. Origami for Preschoolers. Basic origami projects to start off young children. Great for dementia patients too. Get the benefits of origami with these great easy Origami Preschool projects #origami #preschool #preschoolers #papercrafts