Easy Pop Up Car Card

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Learn how to make an easy pop up car card today! You know we ADORE pop up card projects here on Red Ted Art.. and there is on design, that is so easy and effective, you simply have to give it a go. And today, my 11yrs old adapted it to make this easy 3d Card Card for her friend at school!

Pop up car crafts

People often ask me specifically for BIRTHDAY Pop Up Cards. Now, I have a very popular Birthday Cake Pop Up card and our Bear Pop Up Card (with balloons) of course is perfect too.. but ultimately, I say: ANY of our pop up cards are perfect for a birthday.. as it is all about the recipient. E.g. does the birthday person like cats? Make a cat pop up card.. do they like cars? Make today’s car pop up card.. you catch my drift, right? Think about the person.. what themes they like.. and then make THAT birthday pop up card!

Materials needed for your pop up card:

  • Cardstock in desired size – we used an A5 card folded in half to make an A6 card
  • Paper for the car – in desired colours – though you can use white printer paper and draw your own car. You will need a piece the size of the front of your card – so in our case A6
  • Anything for decorating: more paper, pens etc
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

How to make a pop up car card

Fold your card stock in half. You now have the “template” for the size your car should be. In our case, we folded an A5 sheet of paper in half, to create an A6 sheet.

 outline and draw your fiat car

My 11yrs old then traced the card – so she had the right measurements. And drew the outline of a red card. She based her drawing on a “Fiat” – because this is the car her friend likes best. You can “google” Car Drawings to help you come up with a design!

Once she had her basic drawing. She added details in contrasting coloured paper and also printed out a little Fiat Logo. She also added black outlines.

cut out your pop up shape, keep the flaps

For her pop up card design, she chose to add two “flaps” at both sides of the car – these are the bits that will be glued down on the card later (actually a good idea, and not something I have added in the past! Oh how our kids outgrow us!).

Once ready – cut out your car – be sure to include to retangular flaps.

make the pop up card folds

Fold the car in half and the flaps in.

Position on the card and check all for size.

Pop up car crafts - glue down

Then glue the flaps down on your card.

Pop up car crafts

You are done! Decorate the front and write your message.

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