3d Homemade Birthday Cards for Kids

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As you know we have Pop Up Cards for all occasion! Making pop up cards is fun, and easier than many people think. Once you learn basic techniques, the opportunities are endless! 3d Pop Up cards make great little STEAM Projects too. Today, I thought I would pull together all our Pop Up Birthday Cards to Make with Kids! The best way to wish someone a Happy Birthday! I hope it provides you with lots of inspiration and that you love our Homemade Birthday Cards for Kids as much as we do!

Learn how to make 3d Homemade Birthday Cards for Kids.
Wish someone a Happy Birthday with these fabulous handmade cards!

Most pop up cards are actually very easy to make and only require a simple fold or two! Though today’s collection, as been specifically sourced as pop up birthday card diys.. you can of course make many of these for Father’s Day or as a Mother’s Day card or any other special occasion! I just think they are particularly lovely for as Pop Up Birthday Card DIY ideas.

The ultimate collection of handmade Birthday card ideas!

Do these have a pop up birthday card template?

Yes and no! Some of these homemade birthday cards have templates to make things easier for you. HOWEVER, ALL my DIY Pop Up Cards are designed to be as EASY as possible. They are designed using basic shapes and I encourage you to have a go, learn and develop your crafty prowess… so yes, do use the templates.. but also have a go at your own versions! It is so satisfying.

Can you use these Happy Birthday Cards as 3d Thank You Cards?

Why of course, I think any handmade card, can be used for pretty much any occasion! The key thing is – you have made it and you can personalise it. So yes, many of the ideas shared today, work really well as personalised thank you cards too!

Will you show how to make a pop up birthday card for mom?

Yes yes yes! The most popular birthday card I have for you today, is the pop up birthday cake card.. however, I always think the pop up flower garden is really lovely for Mum’s birthday too. As with all handmade cards – the reason they are so special, is that you can pick and choose designs to suit the recipient. E.g. some of the cards below, I made for my kids’ birthdays and they reflect the “themes” of what they enjoyed at the time (my daughter’s Panda Card and my son’s Pop Up Cow card!). I will be making a pop up Axolotl card for my daughter this year!

Do you have any animal pop-up cards tutorials?

YES! If you see our complete collection of Pop Up Card Projects, there are LOTS of animal pop up cards. So much so, that I put ALL my animal pop up cards for you to browse here.

Do you have an easy pop up birthday cake card?

YES! Just keep on scrolling. I love this pop up cake card and have also made a wedding cake versio of it. The same process can be used to make a “stack” of pop up birthday gifts! Watch this space for some adorable 3d Cupcake Cards coming soon!

1st Birthday Pop Up Cards

Looking for children’s pop up birthday cards? Look no further! Lots of ideas here will be suitable for a 1st Birthday and beyond! I particularly like the pop up animal cards for little ones.

SUPPLIES needed for your easy DIY Birthday Cards:

All our birthday cards need only basic stationary supplies –

  • some light card or cardstock
  • colored paper/ scrap paper/ construction paper
  • a pair of scissors,
  • glue stick and
  • markers/ pen/ pencils/ crayons etc…

but of course you can add all sorts of details with glitter, washi tape and watercolors… just take the basic design as inspiration and get arty!

Greeting cards & Handmade Birthday Card Designs for Kids to Make

Right.. finally, onto our birthday card ideas for friends and family! More will be added over time, so keep checking back! I hope you have a go at lots of these different DIY Birthday Cards! These are particularly lovely cards to make when giving gift cards, as it shows you have put thought and effort into your gift too!

Add that personal touch by making a homemade card!

As mentioned, this Panda Pop Up Card was one of my daughter’s own birthday cards a couple of years ago (for her 9th Birthday, which was Panda themed). It is super easy to make and adorable. Find out more on how to make this Panda Pop Up card! It is quick and easy. Then add a personalized message and done!

Pop Up Lion Card

I made this card for a special Best Makes Ever! series for Sky Kids UK! If you want to find out how to make this lovely 3d paper lion, head over to Sky Kids and check out the whole series! There are a total of 20 Art and Crafts Projects, created by Arty Crafty Kids and Red Ted Art, just for you. Enjoy! The lion card is made in very similar fashion to the Panda Pop Up above. So do check that out if you don’t have access to Sky Kids! Isn’t it a fun card? So so soooo cute!

pop up birthday card bear
I adore the addition of paper balloons and confetti on this pop up bear card! So cute!

This Pop Up Bear Card is simply perfect for Birthdays. Love the hole punch confetti. Such a HAPPY Birthday card, don’t you think? The balloons and confetti are so easy to add. But you could also cut out a paper candy or two and some little birthday gifts to decorate the background. So easy to customise with different colors and details. Then add a handful of balloons to the front of the card and you are done!

Another long term handmade birthday card favourite is this Unicorn Pop Up Cards! It is really easy to make and also has a some birthday card templates, but also teaches you to make your own from scratch. This comes as a printable card too!

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!
Instead of the little hears, you could also add some paper balloons to the inside of your card!

Birthday cards are great for showing that you LOVE someone. Which is why I adore these Easy Pop Up Bear and Pop Up Cat Card – you are Purrrrfect! Again, a birthday card template is available (for the bear), but I show you step by step instructions for creating your own personalised animal designs + pop up heart. Once you “get” the basics, you can make any animal you wish. So cute. My son has made these for mother’s day too! So cute. Templates available for this step by step tutorial.

3d Paper Bee Card

I think this adorable card, would be perfect for a 1st Birthday Card project.. or any toddler/ preschooler birthday card design. It is “two for one” Pop Up Card idea. We have some sweet Ladybug Pop Up Cards, as well as some Buzzy Bee Pop Up Cards. So cute! (and easy!!). The process for both is the same, just mix up the colours and details.

Pop Up Rainbow cards

We LOVE making accordion cards. Easy and effective. Turn a paper accordion or concertina into a fabulous pop up Paper Rainbow Card too! I think these are such a happy DIY Greeting Card to make whatever the occasion!

Paper Chain Pop Up Card Ideas

We have a whole set of “paper chain” birthday pop up card designs. I love the concept, as once you get the hang of it.. your imagination is the limit. We did a set of birthday pop ups, but also have a great set of Christmas Pop Ups like this too! The Christmas Set come with printable templates.

butterfly pop up card
Make a beautiful card with Butterflies!

How about a cute butterfly card? Love this technique of making 3d Butterfly Pop Up Cards.. once you have the knack.. your imagination is the limit to more fabulous pop up card designs!

Of course this is a great Valentine’s Day Card, but kids will love the simple technique behind these Heart Pop Up Cards. Super fun to make.. and they will be creating their own designs in no time!!

Easy Pop Up Tiger Card

More PURRRFECT fun with these adorable Tiger Pop Up Cards! They come in two designs – Valentine’s Day and “any occasion”.

friendship cards for kids

Pop Up Friendship Cards – finally – why not use this paper chain technique to make the perfect personalised birthday card for a friend? Design the middle person as your friend – with key features and characteristics!

More Personalised Pop-Up Birthday Card Designs

When celebrating someone’s special day, I always think it is nice to personalise your birthday greetings to suit the individual’s interest.. so we have some “themed” birthday cards next!

Owl cards

How to make a pop up beak Owl Card – a super cute Pop Up Card for all occasions – customise this handmade card for Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and beyond.. what a hoot!

Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page
Printable birthday cards also available!

This card is also available as a convenient Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page! This a super simple DIY card, you can print off and make from one sheet of paper. You don’t even need glue for this one!

3d Pop Up Cards - easy cat card with templates

These little Kitties are simply Purrrrrfect homemade birthday card idea for cat lovers (though I am sure you can use this design to make a cute pop up dog card too?!). They jump out and a ready to play. For this 3D Cat Card DIY, we have included a full Pop Up Card Template + Cat Puns to customise these cat cards for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday Cards as well as Get Well Soon Cards. Easy and oh so cute.

Easy Pop Up Cow Card with fun cow puns

My son loves cows! So for HIS birthday, we need a quirky cow card. Here is a fun pop up card making process. Enjoy this 3d Pop Up Cow Card! We love writing funny cards with fun puns! If you are looking for more Funny Birthday Card inspiration and puns, Etsy is a great place to browse too.

Pop Up Monsters
Cutest pop-up monster cards!

Having a Monster Party? Send a Monster Card to go with it! Printable templates available. I think these are really cute cards for younger kids!

Fabulous and easy 3d Birthday Pop Up card - adapt this for weddings
Our most popular of all homemade birthday card ideas – the pop-up cake card!

Finally, I love this step by step Pop Card for Birthdays or Weddings (anniversaries??) – basically any celebration that involves a cake and birthday candles! One our our most popular DIY cards to make. Again, it is a suprisingly easy pop up card for kids to make and looks fabulous. We hade some lovely patterned paper with sprinkles to make this cake pop up, but you can use any paper and decorate it yourself.

washi tape candle cards
An easy washi tape candle card to make

Whilst on the topic of cute birthday candle cards, I do love this oh so simple Washi Tape Candles card from Pink Bows Twinkle Toes. A super easy tutorial for you to check out and follow! Obviously, this one isn’t a POP UP birthday card, but it has plenty of space inside to write your birthday wishes. Washi Tape Birthday Cards are quick and easy to make for sure! And make for a nice simple card.

3D Flower Card for Mother's Day - super easy to make

Similarly this easy flower pop up card is great as a Thank You note (to anyone, but especially teachers) but also works fabulously as a DIY Mother Day Card Pop Up.

Easy cards must include this free printable pop-up heart!

Another easy DIY Birthday Card ideas, is to use our fabulous Heart Pop Up Printable, perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays and THANK YOUs.

Simple Birthday Cards to make quickly

We do also have a set of lovely QUICK & EASY birthday cards to make (that don’t pop, but are still so cute):

walrus print cards

Potato Print Walrus Cards. How cute are these? And you can add finger print features!

Similarly, we made some Potato Print Frog Birthday Cards too!! Potato printing is surprisingly fun and versatile!

How about some fun potato print axolotl cards?

Fun with photos and googly eyes.. turn your pets into quick and easy greeting cards, with this simple make.. don’t have a pet? Or not great at taking the “right” photo.. don’t worry, you can download our black cat and pug cards for free.

ice cream birthday card

My lovely friend at Creating Creatives has this adorable heartshaped Ice Cream Birthday card to make. Isn’t it wonderful? Includes a free printable. Yay!

Once you have made your cards, don’t forget to write a lovely birthday message inside your card and wish your loved one a very Happy Birthday! I hope they have the best birthday ever!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of DIY Birthday Card Ideas and that you found some inspiration and will make some of these. There is nothing quite like a homemade card!

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