Unicorn DIY Eggs

The kids and I LOVE Egg Decorating Ideas.. and these cutest of cute Unicorn DIY Eggs have gone down a treat!

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DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs are easy to make! Shared since March 2018

As huge lovers of easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids, we have a lovely Easter Egg Idea for you today! Oh we are so excited today about our contributor’s Unicorn DIY Eggs! As you know, we are GREAT fans of Unicorn DIYs here at Red Ted Art, and I am excited to bring you some new, fun and seasonal Unicorn DIYs and Unicorn Crafts!!! And today, of course, is all about EASTER!

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Unicorn DIY Eggs

For your DIY Unicorn Eggs, you will need:

Today’s guest post is made using WOODEN eggs, which means you can get these lovely DIY Unicorns eggs out year after year. However, we are  GREAT fan of EGG BLOWING.. and my kids have been handling empty egg shells for years. I totally recommend giving them a go! Learn how to blow eggs.

  • White Paint
  • Black Paint Pen or Black Permanent Marker
  • Wooden Eggs
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue
  • Paper Flowers (if you can’t find these little flowers in the shops – cut out your own paper flowers or make some from felt)
  • Gold Glitter Cardstock
  • Green, White and Pink Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Unicorn Horn Printable

How to make your Unicorn Eggs – Instructions:

Aren’t they gorgeous? Now read the instructions for making these adorable Unicorn Easter Decorations here!

Preparing your Unicorn DIY Egg Parts

Either blow out your white eggs and let them dry completely, or paint the wooden eggs white. This will take 1-2 coats. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Download the unicorn template and print out. Cut the template out.

Trace the round circle onto gold glitter cardstock. Cut out. Cut the circle in half.

Roll the circle up into a horn shape. Secure the horn shape with a bit of hot glue.

Trace the ear and leaf template onto cardstock. Cut the pieces out.

Assembling your Unicorn Eggs

Glue the pink inner ear onto the white portion of the ear. Set aside.

Glue the unicorn horn on the very top of the egg. (don’t forget that the top of the egg is more narrow than the bottom)

Glue an ear on each side of the horn.

Decorate the unicorn egg by gluing on paper flowers and the green leaves that you cut.

Adding your final DIY Unicorn Egg details

Use a pencil to draw on some sassy eyes and lashes.

Once you are happy with the eyes, trace over them with black paint marker or a black permanent marker.

Your unicorn eggs are finished and quite magical!

What do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous?! We have more fantastic Egg Decorating ideas coming soon (watch out for some great galaxy eggs!! Love the painting technique used to make these!).

And how about this WONDERFUL set of Unicorn Easter Eggs sent to me by a reader? Love the little Tissue paper flowers! Great idea.

Another wonderful contribution by Fun for Little Ones!

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