Easy Pop Up Friendship Card

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We love making Pop Up Cards and there are so many different ways to make Pop Up Cards. I love picking out the easiest and most fun ones for you.

Today,w e are having a go at this Pop Up Friendship Card design – it is based on a paper chain and super easy. A bit like our Gingerbread Men Cards at Christmas. These would make lovely Children’s Day Cards or a simple card to send as a “Friend Card” to cheer someone up!

Easy Pop Up Friend Card
Make an easy Friend Card for Children’s Day or End of School – first shared in April 2020

And whilst making your friendship cards.. why not make some friendship cookies to take round to a neighbour too!?

To make your Friend Card Pop Up, you will need

  • Some cardstock
  • Scrap white paper (though 20cm or so long and 7-8cm high)
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to make a Pop Up Friendship Card

friendship cards for kids

You can watch the handy video or follow the written instructions below!

Making your pop up friends card

How to make a paper chain

Concertina your white printer paper in aproximately 3-3.5cm folds. They need to super neat with each edge aligning perfectly. You need a total of 6 folds!

Draw a half a person– make sure the “outside (ie the arm and leg)” of the friend is on the side that “flaps open” and also that it goes right to the edge – you will need a straight edge there so the gingerbread men do not fall apart. You are basically making a Paper Doll Chain.

The centre of the friend should be on the closed side.

Cut out your firends. When you open it up you should have 3 little people connected together.

Decorating your friendship card background

Time to decorate! You can now dress you friends by using felt tip pens, crayons or pencils. Or you can also cut out clothes from paper or fabric.

Re-crease the folds.

We also made a rainbow and clouds.

Assembling your pop up friendship card

Glue down your rainbow and clouds (or any other background.. you can make a school house or trees and birds).

Fold your concertina paper up. Add glue to one side and position on the card. Gently glue down.

Fold the paper again and apply glue to the second outside side. Fold the A6 Card on top for perfect placement.

Easy Pop Up Friendship Card for CHildrens day

Your super easy Pop Up Friends card is finished.

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