3d Spring Animal Coloring Pages

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We have two sets of 3d Animal Coloring Pages for you – a fantastic collection of Farmyard Coloring pages in two sets. This first is the 3d Spring Animal Coloring Set. It includs a frog, a sheep, a bunny, a chick and a duck! Too cute! They are perfect for any Spring Crafting. And if you want to mix and match the backgrounds, you could use them as Easter Crafts too! Especially the adorable 3d Bunny Coloring Pages and 3d Lamb Page!

3d Spring Animals - shows a frog and bunny, with info about 5 in total

The second set of of 3d Animal Coloring Pages, focus on the rest of the Farmyard Crew! This includes:

  • a dog
  • a pig
  • a horse
  • a donkey
  • a cow
  • a goat
  • and a turkey!

Do check it out too!! So fun.

3d Farmyard Crafts

Supplies needed for this set of 5 3d Spring Animal Coloring Pages

  • printer paper & a printer
  • coloring penciles, pens, markers, watercolors – whatever takes your fancy
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
outline of 5 spring animal coloring pages

As with many of our crafts, I try and make them accessible for as wide an audience as possible. So today, you can have the adorable little 3d Frog Coloring Page completely for free! Simply enter $0 at check out! The complete set of 5 Spring Animal Coloring Pages is available for a small fee. You can also get all 12 Animal Coloring Pages as a extensive set and discounted, here. REMEMBER: by joining my mailing list you will be alerted to seasonal freebies. Every so often, I make ALL these 3d animal free to Red Ted Art readers. So be sure to join the mailing list (in sidebar or footer of this page) today!

full set of printables

OR Get our MEGA Bundle of 12 Farm Animals (includes the spring set) here today:

3d animal farm coloring pages

How to make your 3d Coloring Page Spring Animals/ Frog

Cut the page in half, so you can work on coloring or watercoloring without having to wait for anything to dry!

coloring a frog

Take some time coloring in your frog animal coloring pages. You can explore different mediums. We like to use watercolors for the background and felt tip pens for the animal itself. That allows the animal to really POP from the background.

If using watercolors, let them dry fully!

add details in marker pen

Now cut out the background – a nice rectangular shape. This is a great opportunity for younger kids to practice their cutting skills and cutting straight lines.

Next carefully cut out the animal parts – you will need to cut the body and the head. You can also add any details with felt tip pens to the watercoloring once it is dry.

glue to the back of the frog

Add a little glue to the BACK and on ONE end only of the frog’s head.

create a loop with the frog

Now loop it backwards, as if making a loop/ petal shape and secure to the other end of the frogs head. Remember, you want a little loop effect so you get that 3d spring animal look.

glue the body in position

Glue the animal’s body in position on your background sheet.

glue in the 3d head in place

Now add glue to the back of the top of the animals head and glue towards the top of the animal’s body. If you wish you can add any details by drawing on the left over paper scraps and cutting these out to add to your coloring page.

finished frog


finished frog 3d coloring page

You can see it again. Isn’t it adorable?

Now as mentioned, this is part of a set of FIVE Spring Animals. Here is the bunny – the 3d rabbit comes with two sets of backgrounds – so you have a choice to turn it into “farm yard animals” or even “3d Easter Bunny coloring” (we added some cheeky Easter eggs too!).

bunny coloring

Or how abou the 3d Chicken Coloring Page:

3d chicken coloring page in black and white

As mentioned the set also includes a 3d Lamb Coloring Page and a 3d Duck Coloring Page. So fun!! ENJOY!!

Do watch out for our 3d Farm Animal Coloring Page set too! And remember to subscribe to the newsletter to be alerted of any freebies in the future!

We also have a fantastic set of 3d Insect Coloring Pages – comes with one free printable…

3d insect coloring pages

And of course some fantastic Creepy Crawlies – comes with one free printable!

5 insect coloring pages 3d
frog and rabbit coloring page in 3d