Easy School Bus Crafts for Back to School


There is nothing more iconic than the Yellow School Bus when it comes to (American) Back to School! Oh you are the envy of the world!!

To celebrate Back To School for our American friends, we have collated all our favourite and easy School Bus Crafts for Kids!!!!

Yellow School Bus Crafts for kids - collage of crafts for Back to School

The Yellow School Bus makes a perfect motive for Back to School activities – especially younger children – bright and cheerful, it is an icon part of a child’s school life!! Here are some fantastic Yellow Bus Crafts that kids can make and help them get ready for the new School Year. I particularly LOVE the Craft Stick School Bus photo frame, these School Bus tissue dispenser (complete with photos) and Yellow Bus Pencil Holders!

Top Yellow Bus Crafts for Back to School

These fabulous School Bus activities don’t come in any particular oder, but I think the kids will love them all. Have a good browse and enjoy!

More Back to School Crafts?

Aren’t these yellow school bus activities simply marvellous? I have to confess, that Red Ted Art (i.e. me!!) hasn’t got a single yellow bus craft YET…. well, we live in the UK and my kids walk to school. But fear not. I shall rectify this and get some fabulous School Bus Bookmarks or maybe even some yellow School Bus origami heading your way ASAP!

Looking for more fun Back to School crafts? Check out our extensive list of notebooks, bookmarks, pencil toppers and backpack charms that kids can make here:

Collage of DIY school supplies to make with kids