Easy Turtle Bookmark Corner

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Time for more summer crafting fun and yet another of our favourite Corner Bookmark Designs. Learn how to make an Easy Turtle Bookmark Corner today!

Easy turtle bookmark corner - adorable summer craft for kids
These darling Turtle Bookmarks were first shown in May 2016 and we are resharing them for your convenience!

Yes… this is rapidly turnining into a Bookmark Corner blog! Ha. I can’t stop making corner bookmarks, as they are so simple and so fun.. and once you get “into them”, the variations are endless.

The kids on my YouTube channel, keep challenging me to do new ones.. and I can’t resist a challenge! So here we have the latest idea – Turtle Bookmark Corners. We do love turtles in our house, so this was an easy one for me to accept the making challenge for… however, it did take me a while to “figure out” what this one should look like!!

Especially as a turtle is more about ovals (or squares at best) and not triangles (which is what corner bookmark designs are based on!)… I hope I have done them just…

These go super well with our Dolphin Bookmark Corners!

Turtle Bookmark Corner – Materials

  • Square piece of paper approximately 15 x 15cm, I used a sandy coloured paper
  • Paper off cuts for the “see” and turle features (head, fins and eyes)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pen for decorating

Turtle Corner Bookmark DIY Instructions

We have for you an instructional video to follow, or some basic step by step written instructions below!

How to make a Turtle Bookmark Step By Step

As per usual, you start of with your classic origami corner bookmark. It is a super easy origami project and a great way to learn the basics of origami with beginners or kids. If you hop over here, you can get step by step photo instructions for this.

I chose a sandy coloured paper to make the turtle shell with. But you can make your turtle shell any colour you want!

The Turtle Shell

Once you have made your basic bookmark, decorate the top triangle to make it look like a shell. I decorated ours with swirls.

Stick a triangular piece of blue paper into the bottom half of the bookmark to represent the ocean.

The Turtle Features

Cut your turtle features out – you will need:

  • a head with a neck
  • two big eyes with a black dot
  • two fins

Glue features in place – make sure the “fins”, don’t stick over the edge of the book.

Finally, add some dots to your turtle’s head.

Round off the shell

Cut the tips off the shell and sea to make it more “turtle like”. FINISHED!

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