Easy Yarn Wreath Ornament

Time for more handmade Christmas Decorations! There is nothing quite like a lovely homemade decoration. Today, we have a lovely and easy Yarn Wreath Ornament. I feel it is easier to make than your “traditional” yarn wrapped wreaths and looks just as cute (if not cuter!!). They are a perfect Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament, or can be added to gifts and greeting cards.

Easy Yarn Wreath Ornament.
These mini Yarn Wreath Ornaments were first shared in Nov 2018, they have been updated and republished for your covenience!


The ornament love continues.. you do know I am on a twelve week ornaments challenge.. right? One new ornament (at least) per week. The trouble with crafts, is that when you are in a “zone” LOTS of new ideas come to you.. so it has definitely been MORE than one ornament per week. Teehee. I hope it doesn’t bore you… but making handmade Christmas Decorations, really is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas. They are so cute.. the majority are easy and quick to make AND they make great little gift accessories or gifts themselves!! Just thinking of those lovely wrapped Christmas Gifts, adorned with a homemade ornament?

Today’s easy yarn wreath ornaments would also look adorable on the front of a Christmas Greeting Card, don’t you think? Just lovely!

Easy Yarn Wreath Decorations – materials

  • Yarn or wool in your desired colours
  • A little felt
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors

This is a great project for using up “odds and ends” of your wool stash! Don’t go out and buy more… just use what you have, even if you end up with some cool funky coloured yarn wreath ornaments!! A super thrifty little Yarn Christmas ornament DIY for you!

How to make a Wool Wreath Mini Ornament

These little yarn wreaths are super duper quick and easy to make… and as with many quick and cute little crafts, once you make one, you will just keep on making them…… as mentioned these mini wreaths would look adorable on a greeting card for Christmas too!

Watch our easy DIY Wool Wreath Ornaments video or follow the written step by step instructions below!

How to make a Mini Yarn Wreath Step By Step Instructions

Cut out a small circle – we used the top of a cotton reel to race a circle approximately 4cm in diameter. The cotton reel was perfect, but if you don’t have one, a plastic lid would work or a small expresso cup?

Then cut out a 2cm circle out of the centre. I did this roughly by hand.. but again, maybe use a coing to trace this!

Cutting your wool to fit the mini yarn wreath

Cut your warn into strands – approximately 8-10cm long. I made them all the same length by wrapping them around my hand and cutting both ends.

Making your Yarn Wreath wool knots

Fold your yarn in half to create a loop.

Push the loop through the centre of your cardboard circle.

Repeat the process to make your wool wreath

And then thread the loose ends through the loop.

This is how the knot should look!

I choose to 2 of the dark green and 1 of the light green/ pink until you went all the way round.

Trim all your wreath to even it out.

Finally, add one longer strand of yarn, right in the middle of the others and use that for hanging up.

Add details to your yarn wreath ornament, such as bows or felt baubles

Finally glue on some details such as the red holly/ baubles and a thicker yarn to make a nice bow. I actually used a hole punch to make my red baubles! So easy and so neat!

All done. You are adorable and easy Yarn Wreath Ornament is FINISHED! I have more great Yarn Christmas Crafts for Kids coming soon. Watch out for those.

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