Edible Christmas Ornaments

Now here you have TWO of my favourite things about Christmas!!! Wonderful DIY Christmas Ornaments AND COOKIES (well cookies and other edible things!!!). I have fond memories of not only helping decorate the Christmas trees, but adding chocolate baubles and other goodies to our tree.. in eager anticipation of being allowed to pick them later in the season! And as the days go by, seeing if you can spot any more Edible Christmas Ornaments. Then thinking they have all been gobbled up, only to find one hiding at the back of the tree **just for me**. I love this list of edible Christmas ornaments – any you can make WITH the kids in eager anticipation of Christmas, others you can make yourself and give as quirky little gifts (I think the Soup Mix Ornaments look adorable and are a nice break from all the treats too!! How clever.. and check out the Harry Potter treats for Harry Potter fans! Brilliant!).

Edible Christmas Ornaments - combing our favourite things about Christmas - DIY Christmas Ornaments and wonderful Christmas recipe ideas. The kids will love making edible ornaments with you!

Edible Christmas Ornaments

Mmmmh I so can’t wait to get baking!

Edible Christmas Ornaments

You might also like our Candy Santa Sleigh. I think it s the BEST way to give chocolate to friends and family (and teachers too!) – do READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, there is  knack to it and I have had people say “mine fell apart”….:

Santa Candy Sleighs - so fun and easy to make - what a great Stocking Filler or Secret Santa Gift Idea

You may also love our VERY popular mini gingerbread houses too – they are “no bake” and super fun to make!

Delightful Gingerbread Houses, so easy and no baking necessary

If you are looking for DIY Christmas Ornaments, we have  50+ ideas for you here – sorted by age group!

Christmas Ornaments for Kids to make