Stained Glass Cookie Recipe

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Earlier in the year, we tried our hands over at Life at The Zoo at Stained Glass Cookies – made Heart shaped ones, which of course would be perfect for Christmas too… but today we made some Star Cookie Ornaments. We love edible ornaments in our house and clearly, the kids ADORED these cookies (well, as sweetie and a cookie one? Who wouldn’t?!) So we had great fun making them. I do think they would look AMAZING on the tree….. if I remembered to make the hole for hanging in time. Tut tut. Basically you have like a 3-5min window to do them in and if the kids distract you, then you miss it. Either way. They are fun and super tasty! If you want to take a peak at more DIY Christmas Ornaments, we have a great list for you to browse!

Stained Glass Cookie Recipe - Stars

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I had heard that they are “tricky” to get right. So, I wanted to have a go and give you some “Top Tips” for success. Nothing worse than seeing pretty pictures on Pinterest and your attempt not looking the same. I also wanted to see if our family (egg free) cookie recipe would work for these too.. and they did Hooray.

The Family Cookie Recipe:

  • 300g Plain Flour (2.5cups)
  • 200g Butter (1.75 sticks of butter) – at room temperature
  • 100g Sugar (0.5 cups)

You will also need some boiled (red) sweets. We used some Lollipops left over from our Superhero Party.

Heart Cookier cutters in two sizes. If you only have one size, that is ok too, as you can use a knife to cut out the second heart (I did this and it worked fine).

How to Make Stained Glass Cookies – Method:

1) Mix your ingredients.

2) Leave in fridge for 10min or so.

TOP TIP: DO refridgerate your dough. If you refridgerate it first, it holds it shape better and it will get less “mixed up” with the melting sweets.

Stained Glass Cookies - Star Ornaments

3) Roll out. And cut your first heart shape. Place on the baking tray. THEN cut out the second heart. Once you have your “cookie frame” like this, you don’t want to be moving it again. I would have liked slightly thicker stars.. but these are the cookie cutter shapes I had. You CAN cut the cookie out with a knife.. but I was being lazy!

TOP TIP: Cut the holes out of your cookie once on the baking tray

Stained Glass Cookie Fail

“Failed” cookie – the hole was a little too small, I didn’t refridgerate the dough AND I overfilled the centre.

TOP TIP: Do NOT make your “hole” too small…. this is likely to cause the melted sweet to later bubble over and make the edges messy. THE classic “pinterest fail” for these cookies.

Stained Glass Biscuit Recipe

4) Bash your boiled sweets into smaller pieces. This actually dented my roll pin. And sprinkle inside your shape.

TOP TIP: cover your sweets with a clean cloth as they will go flying EVERYWHERE.

TOP TIP: Make a big sweet pile in the middle of your cookie.. don’t worry about getting it all the way to the edges.. it will melt and fit into your cookie by itself. If you  try and fit it in all the nooks and grannies, you MAY have the sugar bubble up and go over the edge of the cookie and that looks messy.

Cookie Ornament - Stained Glass

4) Bake for 10-15min at 170-180C

TOP TIP: It is better to remove them a little too early, than too late. As soon as you see the cookie brown, remove. This will prevent the boiled sweet to melt and then OVERHEAT. If you overheat the melted sweet it could start going brown.

5) Once removed from the oven use a skewer to make a hole for hanging. You may have to waite a minute or two for the sugar to begin to set. Don’t wait TOO long or else the sugar goes too hard.

6) Let cool on the paper on a  rack.

Stained Glass Cookies for Valentines - Top Tips

If you didn’t get distracted (like us with the stars) and got to add your “hole” with a skewer, thread some lovely bakers twine through your cookie and hang on the Christmas tree. They will last all of December and are surprisingly sturdy!

Hope you have fun making our Stained Glass Cookies!!!

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