Kids Crafts: Monster Puppets


Remember how a few weeks ago we made Blossom Fairy Lights from Egg Cartons?? Well.. we only used the “cup” of the egg carton and I couldn’t resist keeping the “long pointy bits”.. I knew they would make perfect egg carton Monster finger puppets! So, when we had a play date a couple of weeks later, the kids got crafty.  We love Egg Carton Crafts for kids.

The process was very simple: paint – dry – stick – play!

finger puppets

Painting our egg cartons!

finger puppets

Our motley crew of monster puppets. Just add googly eyes, glitter and funky chenille  ribbon (super tactile and the kids ADORE it, we receivd some as a present)!

egg carton puppets

The green finger puppet is a little like a dinosaur, don’t you think?

finger puppets

I love their “hats and skirts”! I think the kids did a great job with their Monster Finger Puppets! Yay for egg carton crafts!

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