17+ Egg Carton Crafts and Ideas

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We love working with recycled materials here at Red Ted Art HQ. No doubt Toilet Paper Rolls are a firm favourite, but I do love some Egg Carton Crafts too! Egg cartons are an easy carton to cut and manipulate.. but you do really need to “lean into” it’s shape and work with this characteristics. Much more than with the humble toilet rolll!

What to make from Egg Cartons - Here we hangout and share some of our favourite egg carton crafts

Gather your craft supplies, your egg boxes, scissors, a lick of paint and let’s see how you can use egg cartons in a creative and fun way! You will never look at old egg cartons the same way again!!

Egg Carton Craft Ideas

Egg Cup Holders

Originally, we made some Egg Carton Roosters from my childhood (these are very popular in the german speaking countries) and then we had a play to adapt it for different characters and seasons.. Such fun crafts to make. So we have –

  • Egg Carton Hens / Egg Cups -They are so cute and quick to make, perfect for the Easter table (or just because). Googly eyes are always fun, but these days, I would probably draw some eyes on, or cut some paper ones.
  • Egg Carton Bunnies
  • And then.. why not… not some Egg Carton Turkeys! Love that you can fill these with Fall Candies!

A hot glue gun makes these super quick to craft, but a glue stick works too!

egg carton boats

Egg Carton Boats

Another blast from the past where our kids arty Egg Carton Boats. Combine some toddler art with Egg Cartons, to make these colourful little Egg Cartob Boat Craft! This boat is perfect for hosting some little toys inside and taking them on a boat ride.

treasure bogs from egg cartons

Egg Carton Treasure Box

This one makes me really happy! The egg carton treasure box is soooo simple and yet so fun. We came up with on a whim one summer, when both kids had collected lots of “treasures” during the holidays and we needed somewhere to put them!

toilet paper roll egg carton unicorns

Egg Carton Unicorns (well recycled unicorns)

Grab some colorful paints and make more recent addition to our crafts.. and though not JUST egg carton unicorns, I do feel it is good to share these recycled unicorns here, as the Egg Carton’s unique shape helped shaped the unicorn’s head in such a great way! And of course.. it combined my love for Cardboard Tubes and recycled lolly sticks too! Pipe cleaners as unicorn horns are adorable.

Egg Carton Flowers are always a winner!

Egg Cartons are popular for making flower collages! They have that perfect nestling shape to create 3d Flower Art. This set was made in Valentine’s Day Colors.. but of course an Egg Carton Flower Bouquet is great as spring decoration and Mother’s Day too!

traditional crafts

Egg Carton Fairy Lights

When the kids were little, we had a wonderful time, painting egg cartons in pink and yellow to represent blossoms and daffodils. We then turned them into Egg Carton Fairy Lights! Happy memories. We love this craft so much, it is featured in my first Kids Craft Book (RedTedArt: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids) too!

Egg Carton Bunnies

Speaking of books.. as part of a book tour, we had this lovely guest post from Tracy! Learn how to make these adorable Egg Carton Bunnies with us!

egg carton train

Egg Carton Train – Egg Decorating Competition

The Egg Cartons also make an Eggcellent Eggspress! As my daughter shows you here for our Egg Decorating competition at school. We made sure that some of the teacher’s featured as passengers and it went down a storm! And yes, she won!! Woohoo!

finger puppets

Toddler Egg Carton Finger Puppets

Here is another quick and easy little project and another plast from the past are these toddler Egg Carton Finger Puppets! They were so easy to make and the kids LOVED the process. There is no right or wrong and you get to have lots of creative fun making these little monster puppets. The kiddo will love this!

egg carton frogs

Egg Carton Frog

Rainy Day Mum shares her cute little Speckled Frogs to go with the “5 little Speckled Frogs” nursery rhyme. Sadly we “lost” her during the hangout, but you can still read her full post.

egg carton cress caterpillars

Egg Carton Caterpillars Grass Heads

Thinly Spread made a fantastic Egg Carton caterpillar sprouting yummy cress, giving us top tips about waterproofing the activity, so the cress does actually grow and not dry out!

egg carton daffodils

Egg Carton Daffodil Bouquet

Next up is a wonderfully “classic” egg carton craft: the daffodil by Me and My Shadow. So cheery and bright for Spring.

egg carton flower wreath

Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Finally, I have an Egg Carton flower wreath for you – because I fell in love with it when I saw it on pinterest. It is colourful, bright, happy and just has Spring written all over it. Gorgeous!

egg carton nest

Egg Carton Nests

We also have an adorable “Hen & Chick” nest idea for you to take a peak out!

egg box masks

Egg Carton Masks

Blue Bear Wood shares fantastic egg box bird mask. I remember when she first made these some months ago (was it a year?) and loving them then.. and still loving them now. They just make the most of the egg carton shape with the bird beak behing the centre of your carton! You could add some fab paper feathers to this too if you wish.

A lovely play set with egg carton chicks or ducks

How about these cute egg box penguins?! Check out one little project!

Adorable Egg Carton Whale a – fun way to explore the ocean

Simple Egg Carton Beads

Hope you have enjoyed this collection of easy egg carton crafts! Which will you make first?