10 Egg Carton Crafts and Ideas

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What to make from Egg Cartons - Here we hangout and share some of our favourite egg carton crafts With Easter coming up and our recent discussion around “Egg Craft Ideas“, we thought it would be fun to also get together and share some Egg Carton Crafts  – after all we all have them, and the Easter season sort is a fitting time to share our Egg Carton crafts! So we got together on Google+ and had a “hangout” – which basically like a video conference call, which we can record for you to view! 8 crafty bloggers got together again and shared Egg Carton craft ideas. It is fun to be able to names to blogs, and faces to names and see us all in actions.

First you will get a short craft demo from me, followed by a brief discription of more crafty ideas. Check the video and check the links below!

Egg Carton Craft Ideas:

Sharing our egg carton crafts in chronological order:

1) Egg Carton Hens / Egg Cups – The video does indeed say it all! You can see how we made these super simple hens. They are so cute and quick to make, perfect for the Easter table (or just because). Do check out my Egg Carton Chickens post, but you get all you need in the above video! (Similarly we have some Egg Carton Bunnies too!)

2) Zing Zing tree shares fantastic egg carton bird mask. I remember when she first made these some months ago (was it a year?) and loving them then.. and still loving them now. They just make the most of the egg carton shape!

3) Rainy Day Mum shares her cute little Speckled Frogs to go with the “5 little Speckled Frogs” nursery rhyme. Sadly we “lost” her during the hangout, but you can still read her full post.

4) Thinly Spread made a fantastic Egg Carton caterpillar sprouting yummy cress, giving us top tips about waterproofing the activity, so the cress does actually grow and not dry out!

5) Next up is a wonderfully “classic” egg carton craft: the daffodil by Me and My Shadow. So cheery and bright for Spring.

6) Crystal shares her super cute ice cream cones – great for pretend play or as little tree decorations. I also thought that these would be great with “ice cream playdough”. I think Pip Squeak would adore it! (link to follow, watch the video for now!).

7) Domestic Goddesque’s girls made some super cute little pom pom vases, and there is also a chocolate bunny variation. Perfect little Easter gifts (full post to follow).

8) Finally, Here Come the Girls, have a super simple use for egg cartons – egg carton pallets! Simples. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?!

9)  At the end of the hangout, I then quickly share our favourite Egg Carton Blossom Fairy lights. I still think they are SUPER pretty! So “favourite”, that the feature in my brand new book: Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy crafts for kids:

Kids craft books

The ethos is all about, thrifty crafty fun, making “crafts yours”, stimulating your imagination and crafting, together across all age groups!

10) Finally, I have an Egg Carton flower wreath for you – because I fell in love with it when I saw it on pinterest. It is colourful, bright, happy and just has Spring written all over it. Gorgeous!

11) And here is your +1 – Make some FANASTIC Egg Carton Treasure Boxes. Our favourite at the moment!

12) We also have an adorable “Hen & Chick” nest idea for you to take a peak out!

13) Wonderful Egg Carton Flower Art (would be perfect for Mother’s day!)

14) Though many people like to craft with Egg Cartons at Easter, we also have some super cute Egg Carton Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

And there you go… 10+ ideas of what to make from Egg Cartons!!