Eid ul Adha Sheep Craft with Printable

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With Eid ul Adha approaching, I decided to revisit some adorable spring animal printables from earlier in the year and to update the mini greeting card that comes with the cute little paper Sheep Decoration to suit Eid! The little sheep was so cute and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for you to be able to use it again during your Eid ul Adha celebrations!

Eid ul Adha Sheep Printable

Eid Sheep Craft with printable

The best bit – not only are these little sheep super fun to make.. but they are actually also a little STEAM project – as you learn how to make a paper spring and make your little sheep’s head “bobble”:

STEAM Paper Sheep Craft

Isn’t that clever? Making paper springs was a firm favourite of mine when I was a child, I found them fascinating.. and they are a great little fidget toy to make with scraps of paper. But I digress.. I think they are perfect as part of this little Eid Sheep Decoration!

Now as mentioned, this is an updated printable from a previous craft. I do hope you won’t mind that I will “borrow” the making instructions from that post too. It allows me to be a little “efficient” and therefore bring you MORE printables and activities for free (or for small small fee!).

Supplies needed to make a paper sheep!

  • Our free sheep printable on gumroad (simply add $0 at check out),
  • Paper,
  • Colouring pens, or markers,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue.

Simply add $0 at check out to access this free printable in the gumroad store!

full set of printables

How to make your paper sheep decoration with a bobble head!

We have the step by step guide below, or check out the video on auto play. As mentioned this shows the paper bunny decoration being made. The main “differnce” is that the bunny is a triangle shape and the sheep is a box/ square shape. But that should be easy enough to work out whilst you are making! Also the little sheep comes with mini Eid greeting cards!

Take time coloring your 3d printables

1.) Download the printable! Choose which mini greeting card you wish to use with your bobble head sheep craft. There are two versions – Eid Mubarak and Eid ul Adha.

Start with colouring in the individual body parts of the sheep – you can simply add colour to the sheep’s face.. or you can go wild and have a set of lovely rainbow sheep! Totally up to you. Just have fun and use it for some mindfulness time! Remember to colour in the little Eid Mubarak! or Eid ul Adha! cards too.

Cut out the sheep shapes

2.) When you are done colouring cut out the individual bunny body parts.

accordion fold

Make the bobble neck accordion

3.) Let’s craft the neck for the sheep:

Grab the two long strips of paper and glue both ends together at a 90° angle. Wait until dry.

Then fold the bottom strip over the top strip of paper.

The strips of paper remain at a 90° angle. Keep on folding the bottom strip of paper over the top one until the end of each strip.

diy paper spring for sheep

Then glue shut the accordion shaped paper so it can no longer unfold.

Make the body folds for the 3d sheep decoration

4.) Pick up sheep’s body and fold all the dotted lines.

neck fold

5.) Cut both lines where the neck will be and fold as shown in the picture. Press the flap inwards. (excuse the bunny photos!! The sheep will be a box shape, whilst the bunny is more of a triangle shape).

3d bobble head animal

Insert the accordion neck to make the head bobble

6.) Add glue to one side of the accordion and place it to the indicated neck area of the main body. Add glue to the back of the feet area and glue it to the other end of the body part creating a square box shape (the image here shows how the bunny is made, which has a triangle shape).

7.) Add glue to the remaining end of the accordion and attach the head to it. Done! Woohoo!

More ideas for using your little bobble friend sheep during Eid ul Adha:

  • Add a little Eid chocolate/sweet and place “inside’ tummy as little gift or special treat and decoration.
  • Write a little Eid message inside the mini Eid cards to go with your sheep gift
  • Keep your bobble friend sheep on your desk to keep you company. Be sure to boop the head every so often for some bobble wobble friend fun!

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