Emoji Mini Notebook DIY (One Sheet of Paper)

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Today I have a Paper Craft that your (older) kids will **love**, well mine did!! This is not strictly speaking Origami for Kids, because there is some cutting involved. Which means this is a Kirigami Craft for kids! But I confess, to me it loosely falls into the origami category. Now, I have made these no glue notebooks TWICE before – once many moons ago, as a little garden journal when Red Ted was still in preschool and once in a Kawaii notebook design about 2 months ago. The kids really LOVE the “no glue” element of these books. It means that they are relatively “un”fiddly (if that is a word) and that most kids can manage them. I do confess… I use a LITTLE glue for DECORATING the books.. but if you want to make it truly NO GLUE, you can.. just pick a design that only requires a black pen! Anyway, I turned the rectangular no glue notbooks into SQUARE Notebooks that are PERFECT for our Emoji Notebook DIY!!!! Hope you like them as much as we do! If you love emojis, we have many more Emoji DIYs here on Red Ted Art for you – from Emoji Bookmarks, to Emoji Beads and Emoji Pencil Toppers.. do have a browse!

Emoji Notebook DIY – Materials

  • One A4 Sheet of Yellow paper (or red if you want to make the angry emoji)
  • Scissors
  • Black pen

There are LOTS of emoji characters that only have black features, which are easy to add to the yellow or red paper.

OPTIONAL materials (depending on which emoji characters you want to make)

  • pink, red and white paper
  • glue stick

Emoji Notebook DIY – How To

Yes… this how to once again is a video how to. You may want to have a go at these no glue mini notebook with scrap paper first. I have had one or two viewers on YouTube say they have “wasted” paper. This usually has to do with not making the final folds “into the right direction”. So please, DO watch the video carefully, pause it where you need to (or watch it again) and then have a go. They really are easy notebooks to make once you get the hang of them. I really love the square format of the emoji notebooks. Though you may love the regular rectangular mini notebooks too!

Once you have made one of these easy notebooks, you will find you will want to make LOTS of them. Quite addictive really. I love the idea of making a whole set of emojis – for when you have different feelings.. use the different books to write in, when you need to express yourself according to that feeling!

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Happy Emoji Notebook DIY making!!