Newspaper Frame (Gift Kids Can Make)

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Nothing quite like a good old RECYCLED CRAFT! Woohoo. These fabulous little frames are made from old newspapers and cereal boxes and we think they look fabulous. They look great for decorating a child’s bedroom or would make a wonderful Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift. Make it a collaborative project with everyone helping making these fabulous Newspaper Coils and then turn them into Newspaper Frames!

Fun and easy newspaper frame - a great upcycled project - turn old newspapers into gorgeous frames - great gifts kids can make!

Note: this post was originally published in May 2016, we love it so much, we thought we would share it again!

Newspaper Frames – materials:

  • newspapers
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • a thin knitting needle, skewer or toothpick
  • cereal box
  • tape
  • glue
  • paint (optional)

How to Make Newspaper Frames:

I have TWO how to make newspaper coils videos for you – the first is a “start to finish” how to make newspaper frames videos, and the second is a more detail “tips and tricks” on how to make the newspaper coils. The first video is pretty much all you need to watch, the second is just for more info!

Newspaper Frames (from Start to Finish)

Detailed Newspaper Rolls and Coil video

I hope that you found these videos helpful and instructional! Don’t forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for FREE!! A great way to keep up with all our latest crafts. We have lots of craft basics to share with you, as well as fun and quirky crafts for the kids to try out!

Here are some step by step images of how to make your Newspaper Frames!
Newspaper frame - what a fun and quirky way to upcycle!

  1. Cut your newspaper into 10-12cm strips ACROSS the paper
  2. Take your knitting needle and start rolling up (watch video for info)
  3. Once all rolled add a little glue and secure.
  4. Flatten the newspaper roll
  5. Curl up the newspaper and again secure with some glue
  6. Repeat until you have enough newspaper coils for a frame. Make different sizes.
  7. Cute out a cardboard frame from a cereal box and a matching “frame back”
  8. Tape together (leaving one of the 4 sides open for the picture to slide in)
  9. Glue on your newspaper coils and let dry

Your Newspaper Frames are now finished! If you want to can paint them in bright colours and to match decor. Thes Newspaper Frames make great gifts for family!